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After his Installing PS4 1.76 OMSK / Demo Mode guide, PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE returns on his YouTube Channel with both a 1.76 PS4 UI Editor and UI Mod tutorial for changing the PS4 home screen images. ;)

Download: PS4 UI (9.7 MB) / FileZilla / Paint.NET

To quote: PS4 UI Mod Tutorial Changing Home Screen Images

1.76 PS4 UI Editor Changing Home Screen Images UI Mod Guide.pngHow to swap out the application launch and background images on the PS4 home screen through FTP using the WebKit exploit.

The required file downloads for PS4 UI Editor, FileZilla and Paint.NET are linked above.

Thanks to @Figure03 for passing along the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox today! (y)
1.76 PS4 UI Editor Changing Home Screen Images UI Mod Guide.jpg


Dam you 1.76......... Patiently waiting for 4.0x support.

Thanks for this.... I was hoping this would be possible......Very happy to see it is!!

Thank You!!!!
@MODDEDWARFARE is there any chance that your app may see an update? I want to try to change the webbrowser icon on my xmb and it isn't possible. I tried using this and I get connectivity errors... would love to see a nice clean easy to use updated version if ya can?!
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