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I have been working on 8-bit Memoirs for the past 5 years, and now it seems it'll finally be released this December.

It is an eBook that'll run on your PS3, PS4 and XB1, because it uses standard Blu-ray Disc Java technology.

This project will be interesting to anyone who likes to read and has an interest in the old 8-bit consoles and computers from the 80s. If you're that generation yourself, you may find it interesting to recognize scenarios from your own life.

And if you're a younger generation, you may find it fun to read about how my generation experienced the beginning of what has now become the modern PC's and gaming-consoles we use today.

You use your gamepad to navigate the menu and pages. Usage guide available on the first pages, but it's very straight forward:
  • General: Click left/right to browse pages back and forth in the current text.
  • General: Click up/down to go to previous or next text.
  • PlayStation: Click SQUARE to enter MENU MODE from where you select another text with X.
  • PlayStation: Click SQUARE again in MENU MODE to exit to main menu.
  • PlayStation: While reading a text, click X to show screenshots and illustrations in fullscreen.
  • Xbox One: Click MENU to enter MENU MODE from where you select another text with A.
  • Xbox One: Click MENU again in MENU MODE to exit to main menu.
  • Xbox One: While reading a text, click A to show screenshots and illustrations in fullscreen.
8-bit Memoirs will be available as a free ISO download, so you can burn your own copy. But I will also offer a physical disc release that you can buy if you're too lazy to download and burn yourself - or if you just want to support the project.

The book itself contains the equivalent of 250 pages of text, 5 hours of background music, 9 hours of supplemental videos, 100 screenshots and 14 illustrations. Enough entertainment for a while.

Early YouTube preview available at
Will post again when the project is available. :cool:

8-bit Memoirs eBook Will be Released in December, 2017.jpg



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These translation offers are unexpected, but very nice indeed.

First though, I'd like to focus on releasing the English version. Especially because I'm still editing the text here and there. Once the English version has been released, I may look into versions with other languages.
But it's a lot of work - for the translator of course, but also for me.

Let's first see how much interest the English version will have. Then I may return and ask if you're still interested in translating the project. :)


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If anyone is interested in a pre-order, send me your snailmail address in a PM and transfer 17 Euro to [email protected]

This offer is for those who wish to support the project and/or prefer receiving a physical copy complete with printed cover and label in a case, that should fit it well with your existing movie collection and/or game collection. Or maybe you're just too lazy to download 25 gb.

For everyone else the whole thing will still be downloadable for free from
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