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After watching Season 4 of the prequel Better Call Saul and realizing Season 5 won't arrive until 2020 šŸ¤¬, it's nearly time to jump ahead as next month on October 11th Netflix (with a second run by AMC) will premiere El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie which unveils yet another chapter of Breaking Bad... the official synopsis:

"Fugitive Jesse Pinkman runs from his captors, the law, and his past."

Below is the initial announcement trailer depicting Skinny Pete interrogated by law enforcement about Jesse Pinkman's whereabouts:

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
Most recently, a new flashback-centric trailer (contains SPOILERS for those who haven't watched Breaking Bad yet) was released featuring Jesse Pinkman being questioned by Walter White's former brother-in-law DEA agent Hank Schrader in what seems to be an FBI interrogation. :censored:

"ENCHANTED" By Chloe X Halle | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
Below are some related Tweets, and here's to hoping October 11th arrives quickly!! :love:
A Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Hits Netflix on October 11, 2019.jpg



Sound great, hope this follows the series.. Saul only had 4 seasons would be funny to continue.