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This weekend @MODDEDWARFARE shared a video guide from his YouTube Channel via Twitter covering some handy things that can be accomplished with FTP on PS4 including how to add your own profile picture, edit your trophy summary, backup save games along with deleting and blocking updates on 5.05 jailbroken consoles. :cool:

Since his PS4 Theme Creator guide, he's also recently detailed how to jailbreak a Nintendo Switch with free Custom Firmware (CFW) for everyone who owns one of those handheld video game consoles too. :giggle:

What you can do with FTP on PS4
Access the PS4's Hard Drive (HDD) on 5.05 Guide by MODDEDWARFARE.jpg


good job, about the avatars we did a video previously showing step by step how to create the avatar and install, I hope it helps those who have difficulties
Hmmm. Going to have to play around and see what I can do. I have a console that was my main account (psn yes) and just got a pro that hasn’t been on psn at all.

(Probably nothing but will try) and definitely back up too
Backing up only the "savedata" folder isn't enough for saves as i tried that and it didn't work. I realized this after losing 60+hrs of HZD. Not tested yet but I assume the "savedata_meta" folder must be copied to.
Followed so many X360 tuts from XXXmoddedwarefareXXX

Give that man a beer!

FTPing fpkg would be awesome..lets hope someone can expand on its possibilities
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