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Since their previous releases today PlayStation 4 Scene game backporters @CyB1K and @opoisso893 announced news of an Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown v2.20 (9.60) PS4 PKG and a Spelunky 2 v1.24 (9.00) PS4 PKG on their Cyberpt1000 and backport893 Twitter feeds for Jailbroken PS4 console owners. ✈️ ⛑️

💕 Those interested in supporting their ongoing PlayStation 4 game backporting work can do so via @CyB1K's PayPal Page and @opoisso893's Papayoux Page with the PS4 FPKG release file information below from the ongoing CUSA07202 and CUSA20601 topics in the private area for Verified Members (Verification Guide):

:arrow: CUSA07202

ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN - CUSA07202 v2.20 [5.05]

Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • ACE.COMBAT.7.SKIES.UNKNOWN_CUSA07202_v2.20_[5.05]_OPOISSO893.rar (9.09 GB)
:arrow: CUSA20601

[CUSA20601] Spelunky 2 Update v1.24 Fully Backported


  • UP4407-CUSA20601_00-SPELUNKY20000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (314.44 MB)
Update Backported:
  • UP4407-CUSA20601_00-SPELUNKY20000000-A0124-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (370.81 MB)
Update (8.50+):
  • UP4407-CUSA20601_00-SPELUNKY20000000-A0124-V0100.pkg (365.31 MB)
Install The Base Game "UP4407-CUSA20601_00-SPELUNKY20000000-A0100-V0100.pkg" Then Install This Update (No Fixes Required)

Credits to Fit_Hamster_3460 for the dump!

Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 Backport! Tested on 5.05! Pain in the ass Its finally running, tested saves, trophies and coop everything seems to be working great! This is a very custom backport so im not sure if its working on 6.72+


By CyB1K
Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown v2.20 and Spelunky 2 v1.24 PS4 PKGs.png