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Indie studio We The Force revealed details on their debut PlayStation 4 title Randall today alongside a gameplay and launch video trailer below. (y)

Here are some of Randall's feature highlights courtesy of Andrea Khuriel, to quote: Randall is an action side-scroller packed with enemies and traps.

The player controls Randall, who has to defeat hordes of enemies in order to escape this nightmare and learn what is going on in City of Nook. Randall relies on his fists to defeat his enemies, on his agility to perform parkour moves and on his brain to control his enemies minds.

Randall has to explore City of Nook as he stumbles upon power ups, new enemies and new places in this side-scrolling, exploration-based adventure. As the game progress, some previously locked areas become accessible.
  • Randall has sharp skills that allow you to overcome every challenge in your way, even those that look impossible.
  • Randall can control the mind of his enemies and use their abilities and weapons for his own convenience.
  • Challenge your skills and mind fighting the enemies and bosses. Not everyone can be defeated by Randall’s fists alone.
  • Discover Randall’s true identity and his role in this dystopian adventure.
Randall will be available at PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 6th.

Action Sidescroller Randall Jumps on PS4 June 6th, Video Trailers.jpg


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