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While we've covered the PS4 2-Step Verification quite some time ago, today Sony rolled out two video guides on adding a mobile phone to your PSN account both from the PS4 and from a Web browser for increased security (unless someone does a 2FA Bypass, SIM swap, SMS intercept without getting caught, exploit SIM Card flaws via SimJacker or simply remote desktop into telecom companies :sneaky:) and recovering your password should you ever need to.

Also below is a video from Sony on Software Engineering as part of their PlayStation Careers campaign for those considering a career in the field... it wouldn't be the first time someone got a job at $ony and then shared a bunch of 'insider goodies' with the scene despite signing their NDA papers. :LOL:

How do add a mobile phone to my PSN account? (PS4)

How do add a mobile phone to my PSN account? (Web)

PlayStation Careers - Software Engineering
Adding a Mobile Phone to PS4  PSN Account Video Guides.jpg


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