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I have this PS4 testkit DUH-T1000AA with 04.710.001_testkit-GEN3_DEX_PS4UPDATE. I don't know work with this PS4 :(

Advice worthwhile sell or not ? Thanks


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There are some guides on them, for example HERE is one... but they are really geared towards devs vs end-users. :meh:

I'm not sure how experienced you are but if you need TestKit Firmware I can link you to that, although if you are like me and more of an end-user than a dev then you probably could sell it for a decent price and get a retail PS4 console.

If you want to sell it we have a Buy, Sell and Trade section you can list it in, and it may even go to another developer here who could put it to some good use for the scene. ;-)
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