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Proceeding the PS4 Jailbreak 6.72 Exploit Menu by @Leeful (Twitter), today Saad-Alareqi shared an Android application that acts as a server to host the aforementioned PlayStation 4 v6.72 Exploit Menu that followed the PS4JB 6.72 Jailbreak Exploit released last month. 📲

Download: Android_PS4_exploit_host-1.3.8-release.apk / GIT

:idea: Of note, shortly after the release Leeful discovered the following via Twitter to quote:

Thanks for this, it works great but I have spotted a small potential bug. In the app it says go to 192.168..etc. but it should be: http://192.168..etc.

If you just type 192..etc in the browser it says data not supported. It needs the http:// at the start.



  • added leeful host versions v1...v6
  • some bugs fixes
  • Added hotspot support (tested on GS10 for now) need to test on other devices
  • Added fan control in leeful v6 menu
  • Added simple menu that contains only Hen. good for kids usage.
  • Fixed hotspot issue in some devices (still cant test all out there).
  • Fixed hotspot issues for some devices.
  • fixed not being able to install in some devices (hope will cover most with no issues)
  • added payload sender support (top right corner click on 3 dots)
  • Added Leeful menu v7 & v8 combined (same with difference Hen v2.1.3b)
  • Added Wolf Games menu 5.05 & 6.72
  • Increased performance for menus and themes.
(didn't test everything. if errors found please do tell)

  • updated wolf's game menu
  • fixed some payloads won't cache in leeful's v8
  • updated wolf menu
  • added new menu (PS4). still experimental and a little bit laggy.
  • (Credit for for the theme core code
How to Hack PS4 using an Android mobile via Rashfifa
Android PS4 Exploit Host 6.72 Server APK File by Saad Alareqi.jpg


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