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Security Engineer Andy Nguyen (theflow0) will be speaking at the Hexacon 2022 offensive security conference held in Paris, France that runs from October 14-15th this year presenting a new attack vector and a firmware-agnostic ROP-less exploit on both PS4 and PS5 in his BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Sandbox Escape talk.

This comes following his BD-JB PS4 / BD-JB PS5 presentation of the Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape (PDF) at the Conference 2022, which can be restreamed via's YouTube Channel with both a PS4 BD-JB Partial Reimplementation and PS5 BD-JB Partial Reimplementation resulting from PS4Scene / PS5Scene devs thus far alongside some developer hints. :ninja:

While unconfirmed if this will indeed be the same presentation verbatim, @hyndrid optimistically speculates in the Tweets below that perhaps the KEX release was saved for this conference... although previous vulnerabilities were recapped at multiple events, including the You Got a Trophy: Jailbroken PS4 Synacktiv Presentation at SSTIC 2021 so only time will tell. :unsure:
Andy Nguyen (theflow0) to Speak on PS4  PS5 BD-JB Exploit at Hexacon 2022.jpg



It would be odd if it is just the same exact thing without anything new, but we'll see. I say odd since this so far hadn't led to an actual jailbreak, at least at this time of writing especially considering how redundant it would be if there is nothing new.
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