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Developer bucanero (Twitter) of the corresponding Apollo Save Tool for PS3 and PKGi PS3 recently announced that an Apollo PS4 Save Tool for the PS4Scene is currently in development on his Github repository with an Apollo Save Tool Beta PS4 PKG available alongside some preliminary details below. 🤩

Download: IV0000-APOL00004_00-APOLLO0000000PS4.pkg (15.1 MB - Apollo Save Tool v1.4.5 with 11.00 save operations support) / (14.66 MB - test build for 9.60, 10.00 and 10.01 with GoldHEN / (Mirror) with offsets via @bestpig's Github Fork) / apollo-ps4-build_972024af.pkg (15.06 MB - adds 10.50 support) via bestpig / apollo-ps4-build_05755862.pkg (15.06 MB - supports all 7.00-11.00 firmware versions) via bestpig / (14.66 MB - 8.x, 9.x, 10.50, 10.7x Test Build) via dparrino / / GIT / Decrypted PS4 Saves Online Database (Web Version) / Apollo Saves: Apollo Save Tool Online Database GIT / (7.3 MB - Changed language from English to Arabic) via master_s9 / apollo-ps3.pkg (Latest Version) / Apollo PS3 GIT / Apollo CLI Tools / Apollo Lib GIT:
Spoiler: Depreciated

<3 He currently runs a blog at, those who would like to support his ongoing development work can do so via DParrino (Senza Codici) on Patreon or Bucanerodev (Marcelo Parrino) on PayPal and to quote from bucanero on the Apollo Save Tool for PS4 progress thus far:

Apollo PS4 Save Tool in Development by Bucanero 2.jpg Apollo keeps growing! ;) After some time playing around with the open source PS4 ***s, I have completed a rough port of Apollo to the PS4 :D

This still needs a lot of work, so don't ask for a release date.
  • I need to remove a bunch of stuff that won't be available on the PS4 (trophies, ps2 classic stuff, licenses, etc.)
  • Add code to properly mount and unmount PS4 saves
  • Add little-endian support to the game-genie/BSD patching engine
  • Review the GUI and adjust screens, messages, dialogs, etc.
  • Improve overall responsiveness (clean-up the ported code)
  • Lots of testing
For anyone who wants to help:
  • Please collect and share GameGenie / SaveWizard codes and patches for PS4 saves, so we can build a nice patch database for Apollo PS4
  • If you have a jailbroken PS4 and want to test a beta in the future, let me know
Development notes:
  • The code uses Open Orbis *** with a bunch of libraries that I ported (dbglogger, orbis2d, polarssl, libzip)
  • I'll later upload all the OpenOrbis ported libraries to github here: OOSDK_Libraries
  • As usual, Apollo is open-source: Apollo PS4 Github
  • Open Orbis *** is C++ oriented, but since Apollo code was pure C, I ended up mixing stuff from the orbisdev ***. Credits to the open-orbis and orbisdev teams for their work on the PS4.
  • Currently Open Orbis has no 3D support, so without 3D acceleration the screen rendering is really slow... (drawing everything pixel by pixel).
  • I'm doing further tests and checking other options to keep a decent GUI without turning the app slow and unresponsive.
  • If required I might have to trim down the UI and make it more "spartan", so drawing it is faster with less fancy textures, and stuff (probably Berion will be suffering again :D)
Yes, my goal is to achieve the same save-game functionality on PS4 as Apollo has on the PS3. There's a long road ahead, but most of the heavy work is already there. I just need to adjust and tweak for the PS4 platform.

I have been working on branching a new apollo-library, that handles all the save-game patching (game genie/save wizard codes and BSD codes), with support for both little-endian (PS4) and big-endian (PS3) processors (ideally that library could be used in any platform).

I have also adjusted the UI render (now it looks almost like the PS3 screen), but I'm still trying different alternatives, to balance "visuals" and "response speed". I'm still unhappy with the responsiveness.

Apollo PS4 Save Tool in Development by Bucanero 3.jpg Once I get those 2 tasks solved, I'll jump into the pure PS4-native challenge (mounting, editing, and un-mounting ps4 save-games). Now Apollo can properly list PS4 saves.

Here's some additional information from the (WIP): Apollo Save Tool (PS4)

Setup instructions

No special setup is needed. Just download the latest IV0000-APOL00004_00-APOLLO0000000PS4.pkg package and install it on your PlayStation 4. On first run, the application will detect and setup the required user settings.

Data folders


PS4 Folder
USB saves your files must be placed on /mnt/usbX/PS4/APOLLO/.
HDD saves files will be scanned from the hard disk, based on the current User ID.

Using the application is simple and straight-forward:
  • Move UP/DOWN to select the save-game file you want to patch, and press :x:. The patch screen will show the available fixes for the file. Select the patches and click Apply.
  • To view the item's details, press :/\:. It will open the context menu on the screen. Press :o: to return to the list.
  • To reload the list, press :[]:.
  • Press L1/L2 or R1/R2 trigger buttons to move pages up or down.
Online Database

The application also provides direct access to the Apollo online database of save-game files for PlayStation 4 games. These usually offer additional features such as completed games that can save you many hours of playing.

Currently, the list of available games and files is limited, but the project aims to add more save-games shared by the community.

Note: Downloaded save files must be resigned using Apollo before loading them in your games.

:note: PS4 Apollo Save Tool Changelog:

Apollo Save Tool v0.5.0 Pre-release
  • First public beta release.
Apollo Save Tool v0.6.0


  • Automatic Save-mounting patches for 5.05, 6.72, 7.x, 9.00 (GoldHEN or ps4debug required)
  • Offline Account activation
  • Show Parental security passcode
  • Save Keystone fingerprint dump
  • Fixed font rendering issue
Apollo Save Tool v0.7.0


  • 9.00 firmware support
  • New Save Wizard codes (thanks to sdragon001)
  • Improved graphics library (SDL2 lib by Cpasjuste)
  • Fixed save-mount patches for 9.00 (thanks to ac2pic)
Apollo Save Tool v0.8.0


  • Full-HD 1920x1080 UI rendering
  • Enabled animations and screen transitions
  • Import/export Keystone files
  • Fixed file attributes when creating .Zips
  • Fixed Online DB links
  • Project updated to Open Orbis *** v0.5.2
Apollo Save Tool v1.0.0


  • Encrypted save-games support
  • Offline Activation with user-defined account IDs (owners.xml)
  • Export ownership data to .xml
  • Fixed inner file handling when save-game has sub-folders
  • Fixed SaveWizard write codes
Apollo Save Tool v1.0.1


  • Fixes Bulk resign and bulk copy from USB
Apollo Save Tool v1.1.0


  • New firmware support: 5.07, 7.51
  • Improved save-game listing (game names, saves count)
  • Save-game selection (press Touchpad to select)
    • Copy/Resign selected saves (Bulk Management)
  • Detect if a save couldn't be unmounted
  • Fixed Trophy-set listing bug
  • Avoid issue when removing mount patches on exit
Apollo Save Tool v1.2.0


  • Local Web server (Download saves as .Zip)
  • RAR, Zip, 7-Zip archive extraction (place files on /data/)
  • 50+ Save Wizard cheat-code files (collected by OfficialAhmed)
  • Custom decryption support
  • Custom checksum support
    • Alien: Isolation
    • Resident Evil Revelations 2 (SHA1)
  • Fixed issue when cheat codes couldn't be applied
Apollo Save Tool v1.2.2


  • New Save Wizard codes
  • Custom decryption support
    • Diablo 3
  • Changed background music
  • Removed unused screen settings
Patch Engine
  • Updated Apollo patch engine v0.3.0
  • Improve patch error handling
  • Save Wizard / Game Genie
    • Improve SW code types 9, A
    • Add SW code types 3, 7, B, C, D
  • BSD scripts
    • New commands: copy, endian_swap, msgbox
    • New custom hash: force_crc32, mgspw_checksum
    • Support initial value for add/wadd/dwadd/wsub
    • Fix md5_xor, sha1_xor64 custom hashing
    • Fix little-endian support for decrypters/hashes
Apollo Save Tool v1.3.0


  • New Save Wizard codes
  • Add save-game sorting options
    • sort by Name
    • sort by Title ID
  • Add database rebuild tools (thanks Pharaoh2k for DB research and testing)
    • Rebuild app.db
    • Rebuild DLC database addcont.db
    • Fix missing "Delete" option in XMB
  • Add database backup & restore
  • Download Online DB save-games to HDD
  • Load external saves from HDD (/data/fakeusb/)
  • Updated networking code to libcurl+polarssl (TLS 1.2) (thanks LightningMods for cURL fixes)
  • Improved Pad control handling
DB Rebuild Notes


Logging out and logging back in is normally required to see the changes.


Note that to restore database of your extended storage content (not the internal) all you need to do is:
  1. Go to Settings -> Devices -> USB Storage Devices
  2. Click the listed external storage -> Stop Using This Extended Storage
  3. Select Use This Extended Storage.
This should start scanning it and add the missing content within a few minutes, depending on the size, drive/cable speed and data you have.

Apollo Save Tool v1.3.1


  • Show PS4 IP address when running Apollo's Web Server
  • Copy SAVEDATA_LIST_PARAM value when resigning param.sfo
    • This fixes an issue when importing save-games from Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo Sport, Patapon, LocoRoco Remastered, and others.
Apollo Save Tool v1.4.0

in memory of Luna & Leon ❤️

  • Network Tools
    • URL downloader tool (download http/https/ftp/ftps links)
    • Simple local Web Server (full access to console drives)
    • Disable Web Browser history
  • Hex Editor for save-data files
  • On-screen Keyboard (for text input)
  • Activate offline accounts with user-defined account IDs (on-screen keyboard)
  • Improved internal Web Server (Online DB support)
  • User-defined Online DB URL (Settings)
  • Improved DLC rebuild (read content details from .pkg file)
  • Explicit firmware check when importing encrypted saves
  • Updated Apollo patch engine v0.4.1
    • Skip search if the pattern was not found
    • Improve code types 9, B, D
    • Add value subtraction support (BSD)
:arrow: Below are some handy PS4 Save-related links for those interested:
:idea: Finally, in related news a work-in-progress PS4 Save Signer PKG from Team Alua with updates via ac2pic was also added to Github recently... if anyone gives it a try let us know in the comments below.

Download: IV0000-BREW00085_00-SAVESIGNER000000.pkg (WIP) (6.31 MB) / GIT

And from the PS4 Save Signer

WIP socket server

Cheers to @yyoossk on Twitter for the initial heads-up earlier! 🍻

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Apollo PS4 Save Tool in Development by Bucanero.jpg


I loved your work for the PS3, Artmis was freaking amazing, and Apollo was just as neat, the only little criticism i had was the database, maybe because the PS3 had BruteForce. but hey the PS4 lacks in that area and i hope you guys could build one of the biggest save library for the PS4, although the resigning thingy is gonna be a pain ^^
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