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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter stooged       Start date Mar 5, 2018 at 7:10 PM       915      
I will post this as a separate thread from the PS4 PKG2USB as the 2 payloads vary and it saves confusion.

Original Post: I was playing around with the ext0 mount and recreating the file structure that would be there if the pkg was installed to external storage.

There is a trick I found where if you copy the CUSAXXXXX folder from /user/app to /mnt/ext0/user/app and then unplug the hdd and plug it back in it causes the ps4 to do a repair and then the game is recognized as installed on external storage and from there there are other issues.

BUT with the great work SiSTRo has done in PKG2USB with the symlinks its a lot easier to manage with exfat and just normal USB.

So building on his PKG2USB and symlinks I modified what I was working on for the ext0 mount to work with the usb0 or usb1 and symlinks.

:arrow: Changlog via dbsuarez

This payload searches the entire /user/app folder and copies all installed fpkg games to usb from the system drive and creates the symlinks like SiSTRo has kindly shown us the ability to do.

If you want to target a single game not the whole folder use PKG2USB.

If you install more games just run the payload again and it will copy any new games to the USB and so on.

With symlinks you are making a link to a directory so you want to pick which USB port to have the hdd on and keep it on that same port or the links will point to the wrong directory. USB0 is what I use.

Thanks again to SiSTRo, xVortex, Anonymous, CelesteBlue!

PS4 JAILBREAK 5.05 How To Use APP2USB by seanp2500
Running PS4 Games From a USB with App2USB (5.05 Jailbreak)
Download: app2usb.rar (726 Bytes - configured to export app+update+dlcs to external disc, includes app2usb.ini)
AppToUSB by Stooged A Modification of PKG2USB for PS4.jpg



Hi please can anybody help I had a 8tb external hd I had full of ps4 games I used with app2usb the hd got corrupted and unusable had to wipe it as couldn’t get in.

is there a way I can get all the games back on it from the ps4 console as they are on there but when you click on them tells me to delete and redownload which would take forever.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi guys,

I just wanted to install some games, but the Playstation keeps saying that the internal storage is insufficient for this. App2USB is also not copying any more games to my 4TB drive.

When I remove the hard drive, I see in the storage overview that almost 1TB of the internal disk is actually occupied. Is there any setting in App2USB that I have overlooked? Thanks for the help

FW: 9.00, Goldhen 2.2


hey guys. looking for some advice. 5.05, used app2usb for years, moved most games to exfat drive (too many to shift back and forward to the ps4) and one day it happens, corrupt db (didn't know about backup db). restored via the standard rebuild on safe boot, ran the python db_rebuilder, which restores all the games... but ce-32930-7 for all games.

I've ran various versions of the db_rebuilder, installed a couple more games and moved them to external (which work as normal) to see if there are differences in the db (via sqlite viewer) any ideas?


So I have two external HDDs and one finally got full. I wanted to do a second HDD with App2USB as well while using the configuration file.

The one annoyance I'm having is when I have both USBs plugged in the wrong USB becomes HDD0 100% of the time, so they are essentially flipped. I've tried both ports and each time the wrong HDD becomes HDD0 if both are plugged in when the console turns on.

My only work around is to have the external drive that I want to be HDD0 plugged in while the other one is not plugged in, and plug it in afterwards startup.

My question is why does the wrong HDD always become HDD0 when both are plugged in, and is there a way to rectify it?


Hey guys, years ago i was using App2USB to move pkg from Internal Drive (PS4) to external Drive (Seagate). few days ago internal is Full, so i decide to use an Extended Storage PS4 Drive.

My question now is it possible to use App2USB but this time not from Internal Drive To External. But from Extended Storage Drive to External (Toshiba) ? because i tried but for some reason it didn't transfer anything from Extended Storage.. does APP2USB work only for Internal Drive ?