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This weekend PlayStation 4 game modders @CustomHooker (Discord / Twitter) and @DeathRGH (Discord / Twitter) shared a Call of Duty: Ghosts video demonstrating the AppendumPS4 .ELF Host / Off-Host Menu reloading at runtime with help from Matrix on the Engine Text Addresses. :D

This comes following the previously released Ghosts 1.00 SPRX Modding Menu, IH-Editor PS4 RTM Tool / PRXtoSPRX updates and PS4 Community Trainer v2.1.0.0 with details from the video's description to quote:

Showing off a small menu base that I have been working on. Huge thanks to Custom Hooker for porting the engine text addresses!

AppendumPS4 .ELF Off-Host Menu Reloading at Runtime!!!
For all requests, you can load .elf's/.bin's with my PS4 Loader:
Download: by skiffaw / GIT

To quote from the Cleaned elf for PS4 supporting c++ and includes imports and utility classes

PlayStation 4 Cleaned ELF

This is a source for building ELF files on the PS4
This is not system version specific, so it will work on 4.05, 4.55, 5.05 etc

  • C++ Compiler
  • Detour Functions (Example of how to do a stub)
  • Vector classes and functions
  • Imports (Libc, Network, Threads, Notify)
  • Socket Printf
How to Use
  • Make sure you have cc1plus installed (sudo apt-get install g++)
  • Go to directory with the Makefile on Linux Shell
  • type 'make'
  • project.elf is your exectuable
  • Load with jkpatch or api of your choice
Ghosts 1.00 PS4 Magic Bullet (Shooting Projectiles)
AppendumPS4 .ELF Host  Off-Host Menu CoD Ghosts Demo Video.jpg
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