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Following the Ghosts 1.00 PS4 AppendumPS4 Off-Host Engine demo and Ghosts 1.00 SilentShadowV2 Mod Menu for PS4 5.05, today PlayStation 4 modders @DeathRGH (YouTube Channel) and @CustomHooker (YouTube Channel) made available the first version of AppendumPS4 which currently supports Call of Duty: Ghosts [1.00], Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [1.23], Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered [1.02] with Modern Warfare Remastered as a work-in-progress alongside a WW2.elf for Infinite Ammo, God Mode and Infinite MediKits in Call of Duty: WWII noting default.elf (campaign) as the inject to process. (y)

Download: PlayStation 4 Tool Box v2 [DeathRGH][].zip (30.63 MB) / AppendumPS4.elf (212.27 KB) / WW2.elf (15.17 KB)

Remember to follow CustomHo0ker and DeathRGH on Twitter, drop by the PS4 Source Discord Channel for help and from the video's description:

Today I am releasing the first version of AppendumPS4. The ELF auto-detects which game is running and will notify you when an incompatible version is detected. It can be loaded on the following games:
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts [1.00]
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [1.23]
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered [1.02]
The menu for Modern Warfare Remastered is not finished yet, I still included it in this download in case you want to mess around with it! You can find a download for the ELF file itself and a cut version of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Tool Box v2 to load the ELF file.

Text Tutorial:

1. Inject the payload using the tool box and "Bin Loader" on your console.
2. Load HEN if required.
3. Start the game of choice on your PS4.
4. Open the process list in the tool box and attach to your game process.
5. Open the elf loader in the tool box and select "AppendumPS4.elf".
6. Hit the "Load" button in the elf loader to load the menu.
AppendumPS4 v1.0 | Ghosts 1.00 | AW 1.23 | MWR 1.02
AppendumPS4 v1.0 Ghosts 1.00, AW 1.23, MWR 1.02 & WW2 PS4 ELF.jpg



I wouldnt worry about online if the cash cow gets in trouble either a) more counter measures will be implemented b) the lawyers will come out to play or c) all of the above.

hmmmm... almost looks like something fishy is goings on here...
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