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Proceeding the AppendumPS4 v1.0 release, this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @DeathRGH shared via Twitter a preview of the AppendumPS4 v2.00 mod menu in development on his YouTube Channel. 😍

Download: Ghosts_120_OffHost_v201.elf (102.88 KB)

Check out AppendumPS4 2.00 preview for PS4 5.05 jailbroken consoles below alongside further details from the video's description, to quote:

Going back to the roots of Appendum... AppendumPS4 v2 in the making!

It is still missing a few features that were added after it was backported to Xbox360.

Let me know in the comments if you are excited for a v2 and maybe some coding livestreams.

AppendumPS4 v2.00 - Preview | PS4 5.05
AppendumPS4 v2.00 - Ghosts 1.20 Preview | PS4 5.05
Appendum v2.00 Ghosts Preview By DeathRGH PS4 5.05
AppendumPS4 2.0 | Ghosts 1.20
AppendumPS4 v2.00 for PlayStation 4 v5.05 Preview by DeathRGH.jpg



The game freezes at the multiplayer menu or in game when I try to inject it via the elf loader in the PlayStation 4 Tool Box V2. Any suggestions? Im on a PS4 pro running HEN 2.1.3 and Ghosts in the US version on 1.20.

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