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I will post this as a separate thread from the PS4 PKG2USB as the 2 payloads vary and it saves confusion.

Original Post: I was playing around with the ext0 mount and recreating the file structure that would be there if the pkg was installed to external storage.

There is a trick I found where if you copy the CUSAXXXXX folder from /user/app to /mnt/ext0/user/app and then unplug the hdd and plug it back in it causes the ps4 to do a repair and then the game is recognized as installed on external storage and from there there are other issues.

BUT with the great work SiSTRo has done in PKG2USB with the symlinks its a lot easier to manage with exfat and just normal USB.

So building on his PKG2USB and symlinks I modified what I was working on for the ext0 mount to work with the usb0 or usb1 and symlinks.

:arrow: Changlog via dbsuarez

This payload searches the entire /user/app folder and copies all installed fpkg games to usb from the system drive and creates the symlinks like SiSTRo has kindly shown us the ability to do.

If you want to target a single game not the whole folder use PKG2USB.

If you install more games just run the payload again and it will copy any new games to the USB and so on.

With symlinks you are making a link to a directory so you want to pick which USB port to have the hdd on and keep it on that same port or the links will point to the wrong directory. USB0 is what I use.

Thanks again to SiSTRo, xVortex, Anonymous, CelesteBlue!

PS4 JAILBREAK 5.05 How To Use APP2USB by seanp2500
Running PS4 Games From a USB with App2USB (5.05 Jailbreak)
AppToUSB by Stooged A Modification of PKG2USB for PS4.jpg



Thanks @stooged for noticing this bug and i really appreciate your work.

Is there a easy way to know what's installed on internal and what's on external?


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updated it on GitHub, now it should verify that the transferred pkg file matches the source pkg on the internal hdd before it deletes the pkg on the internal drive.

if it fails the verification process it will remove the failed pkg on the usb drive and leave the source pkg on the internal hdd.

the only way for now is to plug the usb hdd into your computer and look in the directories for the CUSA ids. the ps4 thinks everything is on the internal drive so it will not display any useful information.


please tell me, what is process of game icons showing up in libarary. Actually i was rebuild the database. That's why not showing game icons in library, but games are there in internal hdd. advance thank you


Hi @stooged. I've noticed that deleting a linked game from the ps4 ui also deletes the pkg on the external hdd and leaves a 0kb file. Could this behavior be changed so it doesn't modify the pkg files on the external?


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use ps4admin offline you must change dns search here there is there app2usb that works flawlessly.

Hi guys, following @stooged's latest PS4 5.05 DB_SG_Backup-50X, Ps4_Serve3_v1_1.apk and AppToUsb-50X payload updates for all of you interested on PS4ADMIN I've just released the latest update supporting PS4 5.05 firmware for exploited consoles.

It includes all payloads available til now, and I just added HEN xVortex 1.6. I recommend to use HEN xVortex instead Mira CFW because of bugs. You can use this exploit web in one of this three ways.

If you're interested to use PS4Admin you can use it in several ways:

As a website thru Web Browser in PS4 with HEN-XVortex v2.1.1 at:

Thru the User Guide, setting your Primary and Secondary DNS to this IP:

That DNS does not resolve anything but PS4Admin. So you can be safe. Even you can not use Google with that DNS IP. So everything is blocked but PS4ADMIN.



I am in 4.05 yet. I have got a pair of 4tb external hard drive full of games with the AppToUSB payload on 4.05.

If I upgrade firmware of Ps4 to 4.55 or 5.05, still will work all the games from the external hd as it is now? Or all the symlinks will be lost with the rebuild of the data base that appears after upgrade?

if I do a backup on 4.05 with DB-BACKUP , will it save me?

All because I bought VR and it is 4.00 firmware. The HEN-VR does not work for me in 4.05.

can this be solved if anyone could modify spoof to a high version?



Hi, (sorry ; google traduction)

I have a problem, I have 2 hard drives, the first is usb0 it is almost full, the second usb1 contains games that I installed with the SKIPDRIVE command.

Everything works, but when I start with the 2 hard drives plugged in, it does not put them in the right order.

For everything to work normally, I have to start the ps4 with the first usb0 disk plugged in and then I have to connect the second one, at that moment the order is good and the 2 hard disks work.
Is there a solution ?

Thank you in advance. @stooged
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