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While many in the PS4Scene may recall when The Playroom VR was Dumped and Decrypted, No Longer Used as a Donor due to being a demo / trial when loading game backups (albeit handy for PS4GDB / RING0GDB debugging) recently @tecniqueza shared on Twitter an Astro's Playroom (PPSA01325) file dump dubbed HDD PS5 ASTROBOOT.rar alongside a brief outline of how it was done for those interested in the PS5Scene while noting that, "games on PS5 have the installation very different from PS4 🧐"

Download: HDD PS5 ASTROBOOT.rar (10.23 GB) / ASTROPLAYROOM.pkg (10.26 GB) via @hyndrid on Twitter / Dumping PS5 PSN Games the Proper Way Tutorial

To recap briefly, the PlayStation 4 Scene began as raw PS4 Game Backups with the first PS4 scene release being DriveClub Alpha PS4, followed by the first Decrypted Audio Packet and then the world's first Fully Decrypted PS4 Game... after which many more PS4 Decrypted Game Dumps surfaced including the Removal of Mandatory Online & Title Update Requirements with the Latest PS4 PKG Releases still trickling in. 🏴‍☠️

In the PlayStation 5 Scene we've seen official PS5 PKGs, raw PS5 Game RiPs, more PS5 Game Images, the first PS5 Scene Game Dumps and lots of PS5 Game Dump NFOs thus far... and while the PlayStation 5 Root Keys currently reside within private circles, publicly among the progress updates we've seen a PS5 Directory Tree Listing & Dumping 4.03 PS5 Filesystem Script, PS5 4.03 Error Codes, 4.03 PS5 Registry Key Entries & Title IDs, an IDA ELF Loader Plugin & PS5 Symbols, TheFloW's Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape (PS4 BD-JB / PS5 BD-JB / 2022-hardwear-io-bd-jb.pdf), a PS4 Partial Reimplementation of TheFloW's BD-JB and PS4 FTP Payload for 9.03 / 9.04 Firmware with a PS5 App0 List & BD-JB Reimplementation.

Since @tecniqueza's previous Collection of PS4 PKG Games and Apps and PS2toPS4 PKGs Testing, here's a summary from the Tweets below followed by some recent demo videos via Tecniqueza Channel on YouTube:

I'll explain how I did it!

1- Get a HD format on PS5 as extended
2- Move the content to the extended HD
3- Connect the HD to the PS4 jailbreak
4- Open FTP and you will see and be able to copy the files

JSON for original PKG from PSN:
<title_patch ac_set_rev="0" nptitleid="PPSA01473_00" schema_ver="1.0"> <app_tag content_id="UP9000-PPSA01473_00-RATCHETCLANKRIFT" name="_Import20220426190054" revision="44"> <package content_ver="01.003.001" delta_url=""
digest="bc95091bd370dbc2613b26ade68c3f20bcdf45eda91ba2f44c9e648a94eb6223" mandatory="false" manifest_url="" metadata_ver="44" pfs_revision="33" system_ver="84017152"/> </app_tag> </title_patch>
Let's do the reverse a test:

1- Download files.. inside has the Astroboot game
2- Format an external hard drive as extended on PS5
3- Connect the HD to the PS4 jailbreak
4- Open FTP and go to mmt/ext0 and copy the files there
5- Disconnect the PS4 HD and connect to PS5
6- Move the game to the PS5 internal memory and see if it works! HDD PS5 ASTROBOOT.rar (10.23 GB)

Contents of HDD PS5 ASTROBOOT.rar (10,980,227,483 bytes):
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\media_event_listener
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\system_data
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\media_event_listener\stamps
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\system_data
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\system_data\priv
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\system_data\priv\appmeta
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\system_data\priv\appmeta\PPSA01325
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app.pbm.backup
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app.crc
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app.json
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app.pbm
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\d0.pdb
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\d1.pdb
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\f0.pdb
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app_01.pkg
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app_02.pkg
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app_03.pkg
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app_sc.pkg
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\ps5\user\app\PPSA01325\app.xml
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\user\addcont
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\user\app
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\user\appmeta
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\user\bgft
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\user\bgft\task
C:\HDD PS5 ASTREOBOOT\ext0\user\bgft\trash

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it is possible to install offline PKGs of DLCs and free expansions of PS4 games on PS5!
of course it is possible to update the games on the ps5 to a version that is not the last one, but nobody talks! but we get there, not long, when I find out I'll bring the details!!! ps I'm speaking in an original way, look at the prank below
Install PKG on ps5 boots but not debuggable, run the same PKG remotely and it's debuggable wat 😐
FYI don't get your hopes up, this has nothing to do with JB, don't even get it confused


:arrow: Dumping PS5 PSN Games the Proper Way Tutorial
:arrow: PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit Payload.bin Loader Host by Sleirsgoevy
:arrow: IP9100-PPSA01325_00-PREINMASTER00000-Ver 1.600.pkg (10.26 GB - Astro V1.600 PKG)
Astro's Playroom (HDD PS5 ASTROBOOT) File Dump via CanalTecniqueza.png


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