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The latest entry to the world of PS4 Backporting comes from developer @RetroGamer74 of RetroGamer Live following his Kill'em All 1.00 PS4 PKG Homebrew Game release via Twitter dubbed AutoBackPort tool for backporting 6.72 to 5.05 game PS4 FPKGs to play on a PS4 Jailbroken Console! :fire:

Download: AutoBackPort_1.11.rar (17.5 MB - includes AutoBackPort.exe) / Mirror

Spoiler: Depreciated

This follows yesterday's PS4 Backporter v1.1 update and the previously released SELFUtil by Znullptr, PS4 RiPKiT/Modding/Cheat/BackPort Tool and EZ PS4 Downporter tool for Windows.

Here's a brief outline of the instructions from his Tweets below:

1. Select the Dumped 6.72 PKG
2. Select a temp folder for several files extraction
3. Select a folder to build the PKG fix
4. Press button

v0.35 Changelog:


  • Check target folders. Remember to use a different folder for each option. Do not use the ROOT folder.
  • Check when copying file
v0.5 Changelog:
  • Performance improvements.
  • Folders clean when process finishes.
  • Popup showing folder containing final pkg at the end.
  • Other fixes reported.
v0.6 Changelog:
  • Performance Improvements in extraction procedure.
  • Performance Improvements in decrypt and downgrade.
  • Several fixes.
  • Fix to clean completely folders at the end.
v0.7 Changelog:
  • Fixed an issue that was building updates with the Damage Data message in PS4. i.e.: Update 1.51 for Days Gone is successfully built.
v0.8 Changelog:
  • Faster file processing
  • Fixed issue when PKG is missing at the end PKG built result monitored.
  • If error there will be a log.
  • Reduce height window size for ppl with low resolutions.
  • Better folders clean than before
v0.85 Changelog:
  • Fix index out of bounds error included in 0.8 by mistake
  • Fix CE-40745-5 Error
  • EA Patch games special implementation
  • Other incompatibility issues for ppl using Windows 7/8
v0.86 Changelog:
  • Fixed and issue that could make lost a file in the PKG.
Those interested can give it a try and as always feel free to share your results in the comments! (y)

v1.00 Changelog:
  • Faster than ever before
  • New progress bar for PKG Building process
  • Faster PKG creation without Delta
  • Just one folder as destination
  • Autosave & Autoload the last folder used
v1.01 Changelog:
  • Fixed an issue when trying to rebuild the same project two times.
  • Added a group of expert features
  • Expert feature for pausing the process just before the PKG build for adding, replacing, or removing files
v1.02 Changelog:
  • Fix small issue when building update with EA Patch checked
  • Pause check button moved to the right
v1.03 Changelog:
  • Fixed an issue that could extract unnecessary files
  • Added new feature to check if you're using the latest release
v1.04 Changelog:
  • Fixed an issue in the progress bar limit reported by several users.
  • Fixed an issue when moving the final package when repeating the procedure several times
  • Added a file counter in the extraction progress
  • Fixed an issue in expert mode.
v1.05 Changelog:
  • New feature to auto fix NP-32046-5 error
  • AutoBackPort will detect encrypted trophy files and will show you the procedure to fix it.
  • As much automatic as can be.
v1.06 Changelog:
  • Issue CE-40740-5 fixed. (I hope) :) This issue happened when decrypting files if destination folder contained blank spaces.
v1.07 Changelog:
  • Finally we got it. The full fix for the issue CE- 40740-5. Thanks everybody for the feedbacks. A missing line :)
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Ghost of thusima, usa region, Update 1.12, backport ends with no errors, however not launch, is freeze in the initial image load pic0.png or similar


have there been any updates to this tool or is there an alternative out there? seems that it does not work a lot of the time, as there are sometimes specific function calls that have to be changed to a NOOP. if no tools are available, are there any tutorials for this?


It seems this tool will not properly backport anything over 6.72. So all or most of those 7.02 and 7.55 updates and games need something this program can't do yet.

I am sure the developer is working on this and an update to the app will be released eventually. There are some pre-made 5.05 backports however that actually work for games such as CB4, Star Wars Squadrons, Doom Eternal, AC: Valhalla, SM: Miles Morales, etc.

Most work for the scene dumps by DUPLEX. I can confirm I have installed all these games and there current updates and are 100% working on my 5.05. Happy Gaming! Thanks very much to the RetroGamer74 for his hard work on this tool as it works magically on all games 6.72.


Anyone get 7.55 --> 5.05 ports to work? I had no luck, even anything 7.x.x. had issues. Only one game got to work was Ghost of Tsushima.


@Pbplex - Yes I have installed 7.55 games with backports and they are working on my 5.05. I use backports pre-made and did not make them myself with this tool or any other tool available.

The trick is that you must run a HEN exploit that spoofs your firmware above 7.55 or just manual spoof it I guess. Currently I am using HEN 2.13b that auto spoofs to 9.00. You must run this spoofed HEN prior to install and when launching/playing game. Confirmed working here.

@fufu13 - Not sure - works for me. Maybe try letting the app folder with all the tools as an exception in your A/V. I have only found 1 game so far that didn't work for me which was Divinity 2 Original Sin.


@RetroGamer74 are you currently working on fixes for backporting 7.x.x games to 5.05?

I've had very limited success backporting some newer 7.x.x games to work on my 5.05 console.

Thanks for the great work!

Is there a new download location for 1.11? Mega source says file has been removed.


I think some work is being done to get 7.0+ games to work on 5.05, although that's just a guess on my part.

I was wondering though, would it be a good idea to upgrade to 6.72 and try running newer packages after that? I'm on 5.05 now and most of the newer packages crash with various errors, even after backporting via version 1.11. That version states 7.55 -> 5.05 on the dialog box, so I'm wondering why it doesn't seem to work for newer stuff.

The version spoofing tool doesn't seem to make any difference in my testing.