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Last month we saw a Building PS4 v1.76 Payloads Tutorial from him, and today PlayStation 4 Modder @MODDEDWARFARE returns with a guide on his YouTube Channel covering how to backup / decrypt PS4 disc games and run them from the hard drive on 1.76 consoles. <3

From the video's caption, to quote: Backup / Decrypt PS4 Disc Games & Run them from the Hard Drive

How to backup and decrypt your PS4 disc games and run them from the hard drive without the original disc.

You can also use this to backup a game and send it to someone so they can run the game without the disc. This only works on 1.76 PS4's for now.

Download Links:
From MODDED WARFARE on Discord, to quote: A few people were requesting I post the links to my Watch Dogs dump from my latest video. Couldn't post it in the description of the video for obvious reasons but if anyone wants it here's the download.

Interview by MrMario2011 guesting Kiwidog/ParanoidCoder: 36:30 - 59:30 (PS4/PS3 Hacking: 4.05/5.01 & PS3 WebKit+)
Free PS4 Games Tutorial (4.05 Jailbreak)
Cheers to both @ArthurBishop and @dodolover in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the heads-up on this handy PlayStation 4 tutorial! :beer::beer:
Backup  Decrypt PS4 Disc Games & Run on HDD Guide by Modded Warfare.jpg


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