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Ok, so I just heard the news that you can now inject ps3 games with all kinds of ps3 using official firmware. I did a few search and I found them confusing since its my first time. I found out that theres different ways of doing it. Can anyone point me to the correct direction? what tools I need?

my ps3 is a 320 slim CECH-3012B on OFW 4.81


Hi... need two ps3 console with the same firmware one with multiman (hacked) console and the other no need to convert the game from cfw to ofw with tool you find it here in this forum...the Best ps3 forum on the world
3...after convert the game you need to transfer it to the ps3 hacked
4...after convert and transfer you need to do a data transfer utility between the hacked one to the non hacked one.

I hope that I have helping u....


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That topic was locked because although the 'without a CFW console' method appeared to work, it ended up being a coincidence because the game tested using it (Fight Night Round 4) worked already anyway.