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Proceeding the External USB Drive Multi-boot PS4 Linux Distros and the Arch Linux PS4 v2 Updates, @noob404 of let us know on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 retrogaming emulation OS Batocera PS4 v1 is now available alongside an installation tutorial from his PS4 Linux YouTube Channel for Jailbroken PS4 console owners in the PS4Scene. šŸ§šŸ•¹ļø

Download: batocera_ps4linux_v1.tar.xz (1.94 GB - User: root / Password: linux) / Report Batocera PS4 v1 Issues

:note: Below the Batocera PS4 Installation video can be found, with complete instructions detailed on his blog page here:
Those interested in seeing more content from @noob404 can support his continued work directly on Noob404's Ko-fi Page! <3

Batocera for PS4 | Installation, ROM & BIOS transfer, SSH Terminal, DualShock 4 [Detailed Tutorial]

Here is Batocera for PS4! Yes, the great portable retro game emulation OS is now available for PS4, making your PS4 a retro gaming console or an arcade system.

In this video, I will explain how you could install Batocera on PS4 in detail including the drive partitioning and setup. We will also cover different methods to transfer games, BIOS, etc. to Batocera for PS4, connecting DualShock 4 via Bluetooth and accessing terminal on Batocera for PS4, among other things. Happy gaming!

Batocera PS4 v1 Retrogaming Emulation OS for PlayStation 4 via Noob404.png


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