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This morning theflow0's BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by Andy Nguyen presentation from the Conference 2022 will go live on's YouTube Channel for everyone that was unable to attend the event and is eager to relive the action! :geek:

The YouTube stream is embedded below, and we still have both a PS4 BD-JB and PS5 BD-JB topic as well as a PS4 BD-JB Partial Reimplementation and PS5 BD-JB Partial Reimplementation discussion ongoing for those interested in participating! šŸ—£ļø

BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by Andy Nguyen | USA 2022

The King of PlayStation Jailbreaks shared his latest adventure on hacking PS5 ! PS5's AMD CPU supports eXecute memory only (XOM). Watch this amazing talk to experience Andy's (also known as theflow0) journey in PS5 Jailbreak along with live demo.
BD-JB Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by Andy Nguyen via



I get this error with the PS4 Payload inyector software when connecting the PC with the Ps4. I just updated my PS4 to 9.03, any help???
error (0x80oc004005): No target connection can be made because the target machine can be actively made 192.168.1. at,socketaddress socketaddress) remoteEP)
in PS4_Payload_inyector.form1.Connect2PS4(String ip, String port).


Hahaha people thinking their potentially hacked consoles are more important than the tasty tasty bug bounties... Your impatience will be what destroys this scene


Updated and bought PS Plus Premium. Waiting for years is not my game. Enjoy while you can. Though I'll definitely stop updating once we have the first jb out. As for now, it's not worth it.