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Following his Streets Of Rage Final Version PS4 Mod PKG, as noted in the recent PGEN Genesis / MegaDrive Emulator for PS2 on PS4 & PS5 release PS4Scene developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) has now made available via Twitter some Beats of Rage PS2 Homebrew Game Mods on PS4 & PS5 for use with the Mast1c0re PS2 Exploit on PS4 9.00+ and PS5 6.50 consoles. šŸ•¹ļø

Download: Beats_of_rage(PS2).rar (152.58 MB - includes AVP.iso, abor.iso and hyperff.iso)

Alongside a demonstration video from Markus95^^'s YouTube Channel, here's further details on the BoR PS2 for PS4 / PS5 release from roughly translated: PS5 Beats of Rage on PlayStation 5

With the arrival of Mast1c0rore on PS4 and PS5, the injection of .iso ps2 is now possible on the last 2 Sony consoles.

After the publication of PGEN, MegaDrive PS2 emulator on PS4 and PS5, here is the logical continuation of a new PS2 homebrew: Beats of Rage.

A little reminder, Beats of Rage (also known as BOR) is a free 2D fighting game engine designed by the Senile Team. It is initially released as a tribute video game to Streets of Rage 2 but with characters from King of Fighters.

You can thus create your own mods or recover other already existing ones (BOR.PAK) and launch them on your PS4 and PS5 6.50.

In addition to sharing with you the PS2 iSO of Beats of Rage functional on PS4 and PS5 6.50, here are 2 iSOs that I have prepared for you, Aliens vs Predators Aftermath and Hyper Final Fight, 2 BOR mods.

If you want to support me: make a donation <3

PS: Other things are happening, I still have some on my mind ;)

Beats of Rage on PS5
Beats of Rage PS2 Homebrew Game Mods on PS4 & PS5 by Markus95.jpg