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Following BIN2Homebrew and building upon his initial BIN2HTML and recent PS4 Server 9.00 release, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @stooged shared a BIN2HTML 9.00 update for use with the pOOBs4 Exploit alongside a chain load.c script to merge the generated payloads into one inject function. 🤓

Download: (includes bin2gzip.bat,, bin2html.bat,, jsreq-template.dat and template.dat) / GIT / 9.00 PS4 Payloads

:idea: Those interested can read more about it from his posts HERE and HERE on the forums, and from the bin2html 900

Convert .bin payloads to a single .html file for the 9.00 exploit removing the need for binloader/netcat etc allowing full offline caching.

The template.dat file is used to create all in one .html payload files

The jsreq-template.dat file is is used to create a .html payload file that still requires int64.js, rop.js and webkit.js this can be used to save space by not adding these scripts to the main payload.html file.


for all in one .html payloads:
Code: [binfile]
for .html payloads that will require external .js:
Code: [binfile] 1
All in one example:
Code: AppToUsb.bin
external .js example:
Code: AppToUsb.bin 1
BIN2HTML 9.00 Convert .BIN PS4 Payloads to .HTML for pOOBs4 Exploit.jpg


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