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Recently mtnjustme let us know about a utility called BIN2JS (Binary 2 JavaScript) to convert PlayStation 4 v4.05 / v4.55 payload.bin files into payload.js files used when creating Web / USB wifi versions.

Below is a BIN2JS Github repository by @cfwprophet alongside a compiled version from RetroGamer_74 with a roughly translated guide by @fabrebatalla18 for those interested. :geek:

Download: WEB Base / WEB Base (Confirmed working) / (Bin2js 6.72 Al Azif script via Red-J)

Spoiler: Depreciated

Previously we've seen both a Setting Up & Building Payload.bin and a Building PlayStation 4 Payloads tutorial for those who missed them.

From the Binary 2 JavaScript

A simple tool to convert a binary file which will be mostly a payload, to a unsigned integer 32 Array, embeded into a JavaScript function call. The application is ready to use for the PS4 OpenSource Hacking Community.
  • Fixed a bug on the bin conversion routine.
  • Added a second format for the .js to write. Simple use any flag to trigger it. Added Vortex Payload Format.
  • Added back conversion support for all 3 formats.
Flags: -1 = Foramt1 u32[] -2 = Format2 p.write4addr.add(... -3 = Format3 payload = [.... -4 = js2bin

And here's the tutorial from fabrebatalla18 on ElOtroLado, roughly translated: Convert Payload.bin to Payload.js to Create Web / USB Wifi Version Tutorial


This tutorial serves both for 4.05 and 4.55 or any other future version by applying small changes that I will describe at any time. Thanks to RetroGamer_74 for compiling the .exe from the source code.

  • Windows operating system (tested on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit).
  • Required files:
Steps to follow
  • Download the necessary files: and WEB Base that matches the version of the payload.bin that we want to convert.
  • Unzip and we will see three files: bin2js.exe, cygwin1.dll and bin2js.bat.
  • Finally we drag the .bin file that we want to transform to bin2js.bat , in doing so we will generate a file called payload.js.
  • If everything went well when opening the payload.js with some text editor we would have to see something like this:
    BIN2JS Guide to Convert PS4 Payload.bin to Payload.js Files.png
  • Finally, we unzipped the WEB Base and copied and overwritten the new payload.js for the one that originally had the downloaded Base WEB.
You can create a shortcut of the bin2js.bat in any folder and the function of dragging the .bin to the .bat will continue so that it can do the transformation.
BIN2JS Guide to Convert PS4 Payload.bin to Payload.js Files.jpg



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No it won't. This only converts a standalone payload to an exploit+payload javascript. An exploit+payload javascript runs the exploit and injects the payload automatically when accessed via the browser instead of having to inject the payload manually using netcat after accessing the exploit.


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Convert "XVortex-Dumper.bin" 4.55 to "payload.js" but doesn't work, i have this error :
Post Exception : ReferenceError : can't find variable : payload

:( :( :(


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For future reference, you can post it in any thread and we'll move it to its own... either we'll see it when making rounds or @ mention me :)


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@Chronoss09 I do not know if you know it but qwertyuiop when he rewrote the webkit for 5.50 it was discovered that the same new webkit worked for 4.55 and that made it much more stable and without more memory errors, this is done by changing the "userland.js" old for the new one, and this is what I have done right now in the so-called "web base".
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