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While most are busy this time of year with final projects and exams to wrap up the school semester there have been some PS4 gamesharing updates that can be found roughly translated HERE for those interested.

Of course life is about more than playing video games, and recently PlayStation 3 Rebug CFW developer @Abkarino passed along some interesting news on Twitter that the online cryptocurrency and digital payment system known as Bitcoin has reached a record $2,251 (currently $2,299 USD - Bitcoin Calculator) for 1 Bitcoin and is continuing to rise! :love:

A few members mentioned in the PSXHAX Shoutbox they use the open source P2P money and are mining Bitcoins, which is described in the FAQ by the following to quote:

This process involves that individuals are rewarded by the network for their services. Bitcoin miners are processing transactions and securing the network using specialized hardware and are collecting new Bitcoins in exchange.

According to TheHackersNews if someone invested $100 USD in Bitcoin on May 22, 2010 it would currently be worth $73 million dollars as of May 22, 2017... talk about a sizeable return on an investment, eh?! Of course the Bitcoin market could also bottom out at any time leaving one's Coinbase Bitcoin address which is essentially a wallet where you can securely store digital currency empty. :oops:

One theory on why Bitcoin is surging so high lately from CEO of DoubleLine Capital Jeff Gundlach via CNBC suggests there may be a connection between Bitcoin prices and the decline in Chinese stocks as their search for safe investments outside the country when asset prices fall sends buyers into Bitcoin.

It will be interesting to see a year from now where Bitcoin rates reside, and what the future holds as technology enthusiasts continue to evolve and embrace new ideas from privacy-oriented domain registration services such as Njalla by backup Bay founder Peter Sunde to a decentralized Internet with .bit domains running uncensorable websites using ZeroNet with Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network to distribute content directly to visitors without any central server. :geek:

Until then we welcome those who are experienced with Bitcoins and mining to share your knowledge and tips with others in the comments below... everything from useful Bitcoin blogs / forums / sites to mining hardware recommendations would be much appreciated! <3

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That's what I was wondering... I don't have a Bitcoin address to try it and see what it does though :doh:
I literally just did that and posted that it's a troll site with "offers". Don't bother. I'm not signing up for a free burger or my $100 iTunes gift card, just to be able to redeem $20 worth of BTC.

Edit: Hahaha, I misread your post as you were about to try it. :p No worries. Worth a shot at free monies, right?
Do the offers cost any real money or are they just "enter an email" or "complete a survey" for the bitcoins? :D
I never actually did them to find out. But usually they end up requiring you to sign up for free trials, give a CC. Some have upfront costs.
Gotcha.. if anyone gives it a try let us know if you get any free bitcoins from it. :)

I saw the link on Twitter from Abkarino of Rebug so maybe he shared it because it works... or he just felt like trolling followers :p
The question is... are there any free offers to get bitcoins from, or do you have to pay for all the offers making the 'free bitcoins' ending up costing money after all.
The question is... are there any free offers to get bitcoins from, or do you have to pay for all the offers making the 'free bitcoins' ending up costing money after all.
Even the "free" offer asked for my credit card. After actually doing the offer, the site didn't count it so I just gave up. The other offers were the same thing: do an offer, then select a silver offer, 2 gold offer, and 3 platinum offers, or something like that.
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