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Continuing our holiday tradition from past years and following the 2020 Best Buy Black Friday Ad, here are some Black Friday 2020 Ad Scans linked featuring video game deals and more courtesy of and to browse for gift ideas. 🎁

If anyone comes across PlayStation 5 deals not listed above, or even PS5 Consoles in stock for sale at normal retail prices, feel free to share them with everyone in the PS5 Scene Forum comments below! :lovewins:

Black Friday 2020 Ad Scans
Besides cold, hard cash 🤑 the only thing I could use this year is a Pop Socket to keep my phone from constantly falling down 🤬 watching my favorite shows on Plex Server... let us know what you'd like to see under the tree this year.
Black Friday 2020 Ad Scans Featuring Video Game Deals and More!.jpg



I was told these stores would each get two consoles... I want see waiting in line for hours to have a chance... hopefully after christmas they will get more in stock.