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Just a few weeks I got a spare truck key made for around $2 at Lowes. The only downside is it was an identical copy of the original with the thick plastic coating on the handle to make turning the key easier.

Normally that would be a good thing, but I wanted to keep it in my wallet without the extra bulge so melted it off with a plumbing torch. 🔥

At least now I won't get locked out again... it happened right when I ran in to pick up Chinese food, I'd have sh!t myself if my fortune cookie said something to do with keys or locks. 😲


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I dont normally take the keys out of the ignition unless I am in town. I should of had a spare made to late now. I can change the switch out its just a pain and takes time.

I got a Nissan pathfinder my mom lost the keys for one time and it cost me $500 bucks for someone to come make me one it has a key fob.

A ps5 would also be nice but I doubt I will see any for sale at local stores.

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