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A few weeks back we saw a PS4 HDD 5.05 Guide from @MODDEDWARFARE, and today he's back via Twitter with a fresh PlayStation 4 video covering how to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 online on a 5.05 PS4 jailbroken console without PSN. :D

Congrats to @MODDEDWARFARE for passing 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel recently as well!! :love:

From the video's caption, to quote: This handy method allows your PS4 to play Black Ops 3 online with other players without PSN on 5.05.

Need help port forwarding?

How to play Black Ops 3 Online on a 5.05 PS4
How To Play Online With Other Jailbroken PS4s by Andrew Marques
PS4 Black Ops 3 Online LAN Jailbreak Tutorial by Andrew Marques
Black Ops 3 Online on PS4 5.05 Firmware Video by MODDEDWARFARE.jpg


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Not open for further replies.
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