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Proceeding the MWR 1.15 PS4 Menu WIP and BO3 GSC Mod Menu PS4 Port, recently rspears541 shared via Twitter some Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 demo videos showcasing an early 1.00 PlayStation 4 Version of Icebreaker, Morocco, maps and more from Riley541's YouTube Channel crediting @DeathRGH on Twitter (DeathRGH's YouTube Channel) for unlocking it. 🔓

Download: CallofDuty®BlackOps4_CUSA11100_01.00_Unlock.json (386 Bytes) / DeathRGH's Hood Discord Channel / DeathRGH's Ko-Fi Page <3

Based on the Tweets and demonstration videos below the Black Ops 4 1.00 disc version CUSA11100 was locked behind an 'update required to play' message on the title screen, includes lots of early content with a few early maps and was unlocked to play by changing a single byte at offset 3982480 from 00 (off) to 01 (on) in the eboot.bin file.

For those in the PS4Scene it's also worth noting this blackout version is missing locations including hijacked and Ghost Town, and features different icons such as the healing icon towards the end of the video.
Black Ops 4 1.00 Blackout Quick Overview
Black Ops 4 1.00 Early Version of Icebreaker
Black Ops 4 1.00 Early Version of Morocco
Black Ops 4 1.00 Early PS4 Version of Icebreaker, Morocco & Maps.jpg



Is this available for other regions? I want to explore the 1.00 version of this game but I’m in the UK with region code CUSA12443 so this mod doesn’t work for me.

Edit: I figured it out - you just need to change the name of the .json to comply with the correct formatting - and also edit the .json file in Notepad to change the region code to the correct one for your disk.