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Proceeding my recent Snake Ball PKG and the first PSVR homebrew Brutal VR DooM 2.5 PKG, today I present to you Block Buster for PS4 with special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for Closed Alpha testing with a demonstration video below from my YouTube Channel.

  • Hold d-pad down and press the touch panel to start
  • Continue to hold down d-pad down and drag your finger across the motion panel to control the paddle.
Known Issues:
  • Currently d-pad down must be held down the whole time or else the paddle wont get input from the controllers motion pad.
There is 2 different versions.

Main version: has the outer heaven logo within the background of the app. (not seen in video)

Download: Block Buster with logo.pkg (85.1 MB)

2nd version: has no logo within the background and has less screen shake (as seen in video)

Download: Block Buster No Logo Less Screen Shake.pkg (79.6 MB)

Here is a Block Buster PlayStation 4 demo video from my YouTube Channel:

Block Buster PS4 Homebrew PKGs by SnakePlissken.jpg


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