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Proceeding the Bloodborne Trainer, BBAnimConverter and his P.T. PS4 Unseen Content today PlayStation 4 video game hacker @manfightdragon shared on his YouTube Channel via Twitter some interesting Bloodborne PS4 Cut Content including The Blood Minister complete with the unused dialogue and character details! ✂️

Those interested can also check out his Patreon Page to support his findings, and from the Tweet below he states to quote:

A new Bloodborne cut content video! Did you know that the Blood Minister we see in the game's opening cinematic was once a much more significant character who had quite a lot to say, adding to the backstory? Come take a look! Full video here:

Bloodborne Cut Content - The Blood Minister - Unused Dialogue and Character

From the video's description: It's a bit hard to imagine how exactly this cut content was going to fit into the flow of Bloodborne considering how it all works, but still awesome to see an unused character get brought back to life to some degree, it's always nice to get more dialogue from the voice actors regardless of how it fits or doesn't fit into the game.

Bloodborne Mod - Control Enemies & Play As Bosses - Restored Debug Mode
Bloodborne PS4 Cut Content The Blood Minister Unused Dialogue and More.jpg


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