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Following the second PS4 Blu-Play homebrew release The UFO Game! from LuBlu Entertainment, developer sleirsgoevy demonstrates that you can create Blu-ray Disc Java homebrew with C or C++ using Cybil MIPS transpiler. Simply convert your C / C++ code into BD-J. 🥏

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too, but then he dishes up a working Blu-Play port of Doom, after just a couple of days.

Download: / Power of BD-J GIT / / BD-J Cibyl GIT / / (Compiled) / BD-J DOOM GIT

I tested it on PS3, and found the framerate surprisingly good. It's currently still just an early preview of course, but it's definitely a good proof of concept.

Would be interesting if any homebrew devs could try porting some of their native homebrew to PS4 BD-J using this approach. Here are some related topics on PlayStationHaX for those interested:
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Blu-Play port of Doom in the works!
Doom I (1993) running on PS4 via Blu-Play
Blu-Play DOOM I Port by Sleirsgoevy, Homebrew Games with C  C++.jpg



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A few emulators has already been ported/created for BD-J. Like a NES emulator and Gameboy emulator. Even an Apple II emulator has been made for BD-J. So I see no reason why you can't make any kind of emulator you want.

There is only the question of audio to figure out. Not sure how to do that yet. It's one thing to just play an audio file or stream. It's another to code an audio stream.
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