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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 16, 2017 at 10:13 PM       39,844       13      
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Following his previous Custom Firmware releases and recent 4.82 Ferrox CFW update, today PlayStation 3 developer @BobbyDowngrades made available his PS3 4.82 Overflow CFW Collection featuring Standard CEX, DualBoot, NoBD (No Blu-ray Disc), Cobra 7.3 CEX and NoBD Cobra 7.3 CEX variants with details below. (y)

Download: Overflow_4.82_v1_standardCEX.rar (194 MB) / Overflow_4.82_v2_dualboot.rar (196 MB) / Overflow_4.82_v3_nobd_standardCEX.rar (194 MB) / Overflow_4.82_v4_cobraCEX.rar (194 MB) / Overflow_4.82_v5_nobd_cobraCEX.rar (194 MB) / DropBox Folder

PUP MD5's (using MD5 Check Utility v2.31):
  • Overflow 4.82 v1 Standard CEX PUP: C459C91FC77514C70DF7E69F665D6B36

  • Overflow 4.82 v2 DualBoot PUP: C7B79FD45B055CE8EFFD90449814B6E6

  • Overflow 4.82 v3 NoBD Standard CEX PUP: 9CBFD74167624B8EDEE608E3BF9CF415

  • Overflow 4.82 v4 Cobra CEX PUP: 599D2B5B016632EC9F500565E1F2FFBE

  • Overflow 4.82 v5 NoBD Cobra CEX PUP: 3837FB895DA4272623B27C9B4604A0FD
If you haven't seen them yet, he also offers console downgrade and repair services through and a YouTube Channel with many related PlayStation 3 help videos.

BobbyDowngrades PS3 CFW 4.82 Overflow Custom Firmware Collection 2.jpgTo quote from Bobby_Downgrades on his PS3 4.82 OVERFLOW CFW Collection (Standard CEX / NO-BD / COBRA 7.3 / DualBoot / NO-BD COBRA 7.3): 4.82 Overflow CFW collection

On the day of the 4.82 PS3 update I have made some updated CFWs. They now have been uploaded ready for download.

All have been tested but as with all CFW use at your own risk (I think is what I am meant to say). Inside each download is breakdown of features for each CFW and extra info you need to know.

As always thank you to supporters for kind words.
BobbyDowngrades PS3 CFW 4.82 Overflow Custom Firmware Collection.jpg



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That's been his user handle for years and you're the first to call him out that I've seen. :eek:

For PS3 console owners who can already install CFW it's almost as good though having 4.82 in multiple favors including Cobra and NoBD for those with broken or missing drives. :)


i've installed v5 nobd cobra version, and i can't make ps3 iso's to work. tried from ntfs external hdd via webman, tried from PS2ISO folder on internal hdd, tried via managunz, nothing seems to work, just after mount goes to black screen, and i can only restart via power switch. cech04 fat.

ps2 iso's don't work, ps3 games (iso's and folders) work flawlessy.


If these devs released their cobra src, it would be much easier to help them understand the problem. However in Darek Spy, overflow, it seems that their ps2netemu (together with ps2emu), have been patched correctly, so you have these problems.


i finally got psX .bin's to work! only on this cfw (noBD v5 version) and via internal hdd (integrated webman, PSXISO folder), but they work.

downside is that ps2 iso's don't work (integrated webman, internal hdd, PS2ISO folder), now i'm going to try to make them work via launchers (multiman, irisman...) and i will report.

i should mention also that ps3 iso's work 100 percent of times via webman and external ntfs hdd on this one, what can't be said for other cfw's for a long time.

fingers crossed that we can have really clean and integrated cfw that can do it all right from xmb anytime soon. :)

it seems to depend on image and/or game. some work, some don't (just goes to black screen and you can quit via PS button) and i think it doesn't depend on region (i managed to play ntsc version only).

now i'm going to try to find some more .bins to try and report.


First, hi all, i broke the BD like a dumbass leaving a game inside, it was doing the exploit and now im trying to changin to this version but doesnt find the packages as update, someone sees the problem?

do i need to do the exploit again?
Thank You


I find it funny how there is a picture of a PS3 Super Slim embedded on the picture. As it's one of the two consoles that can't have CFW yet. :D
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