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Proceeding his previous PS3 Custom Firmware releases and recent PS3 4.84 OFW update, PlayStation 3 developer @BobbyDowngrades made available his PS3 4.84 Overflow CFW Collection featuring Overflow 4.84 v1 Standard CEX, Overflow 4.84 v2 Dualboot, Overflow 4.84 v3 NoBD Standard CEX, Overflow 4.84 v4 No Bluetooth Standard CEX, Overflow 4.84 v5 Cobra CEX, Overflow 4.84 v6 NoBD Cobra CEX and Overflow 4.84 v7 No Bluetooth Cobra CEX PS3 CFW variants followed by support for PS3 4.85 OFW in Overflow 4.85 v1 Standard CEX, Overflow 4.85 v2 Dualboot, Overflow 4.85 v3 NoBD Standard CEX, Overflow 4.85 v4 No Bluetooth Standard CEX, Overflow 4.85 v5 Cobra CEX, Overflow 4.85 v6 NoBD Cobra CEX and Overflow 4.85 v7 No Bluetooth Cobra CEX with details below. :ninja:

If you haven't seen them yet, he also offers console downgrade and repair services through and a YouTube Channel with many related PlayStation 3 help videos.

PUP MD5's (MD5 Check Utility v2.31):
  • Overflow 4.84 v1 Standard CEX: d793bb1e633910b2ae451c665043645a
  • Overflow 4.84 v2 Dualboot: 6786944ab3f5ce0d746589ed46e81384
  • Overflow 4.84 v3 NoBD Standard CEX: a1ca9820de9c594a89c5beca9c741aa3
  • Overflow 4.84 v4 NoBT Standard CEX: 25f3537675a6b2fc89bd54f59d42a0d2
  • Overflow 4.84 v5 Cobra CEX: f9a83e4a102937648c10aecb83b509de
  • Overflow 4.84 v6 NoBD Cobra CEX: 13b6314b805b9d72fc526ba1e6a286b7
  • Overflow 4.84 v7 NoBT Cobra CEX: 05db351e058f76c9c49a888ae3394be8
  • Overflow 4.85v1 StandardCEX PUP: MD5 11eef44c65492b292c5aca079324800a
  • Overflow 4.85 v2 DualBoot PUP: MD5 35878087aab0b2b5783a07de346794e2
  • Overflow 4.85 v3 NoBD Standard CEX PUP: MD5 0235F7FD3659D6966CBE4C18CF38B30D
  • Overflow 4.85 v4 noBluetooth standard CEX PUP: MD5 7ec5a221f8eb2daec2af8664da8f1c8e
  • Overflow 4.85v5 Cobra 8.01 CEX PUP: MD5 99b1ebf37f76b77ec72547c9166cde82
  • Overflow 4.85 v6 NoBD Cobra 8.01 CEX PUP: MD5 5f2db8d9b30a2a28b8d6676d7e5cb8da
  • Overflow 4.85 v7 no Bluetooth Cobra 8.01 CEX PUP: MD5 6fa02b64e99b0b52406c84620ffa8f6e
Here's a webMAN_MOD_1.47.09_Updater.pkg that supports PS4 4.84 CFW, and from Bobby_Downgrades on the PS3 4.84 OVERFLOW CFW Collection notes:

Here are the links for the read me files for each version. Each read me is also included inside each download:
Lastly, some notes:
  • Standard = a normal version of CFW
  • Cobra = a CFW that runs the Cobra payload
  • No BD = can be installed onto a PS3 with no Blu-ray drive and still functions as normal (minus discs)
  • No BT = can be installed onto a PS3 with broken Bluetooth/Wifi module (bypasses install of Bluetooth FW)
Please always read the READ ME.txt files inside download. I have not included Webman inside the CFW as too many people complained.

I have tested all CFW versions and am certain there will be no problems but as always with CFW you install at your own risk.

When I have more time I will update toolbox and spoofers for overflow CFW and I have a couple of new things planned, will get to that when I can find the time, as always thank you to the people who support the overflow brand.

If you just want to spoof your FW version have a look out for ZoFmodz, he has been releasing spoofers since 4.55 and has consistently been the first person to release. He stopped releasing a few fw versions ago due to people taking his work but I have persuaded him to release again. So if you don't want to update CFW and just want to spoof check him out.

:arrow: Finally, below is another PS3 4.84 Dualboot Firmware from littlebalup with details as follows to quote:

Download: (196.37 MB)
  • Made out from OFW 4.84.
  • Patched isoldr and spu_pkg_rvk_verifier to disable ecdsa protections allowing to install CFW 4.84 and above over it.
  • Core OS patched files have the exact same size than the OFW.
  • Core OS file table is exactly the same than the OFW.
  • PUP size is exactly the same than the OFW.
More stealth than it, its an OFW ;)

Tested on both NAND (CECHC04) and NOR (CECH-2004B).


:arrow: Update: Bobby_Downgrades (also HERE and HERE) has now updated this PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware to PS3 4.85 OVERFLOW CFW Collection with details below, to quote: PS3 CFW 4.85 OVERFLOW Cobra ALL Editions


  • Built from 4.85 ofw
  • LV0- All security checks disabled
  • LV0- AppLdr patched to disable sig checks on pkgs
  • LV1- Disabled lv2 protection
  • LV1- Disabled Hash Checks
  • LV1- Added Peek & Poke
  • Lv1- Added mmap-function 114
  • Lv1- ACL checks removed
  • LV2- Added Peek & Poke
  • LV2- Lv1 peek & poke support
  • Games with 4.85 keys and lower will start
  • Added app/home
  • Added option to xmb Install Packages with two paths (USB or HDD)
  • Warning message disabled for faster boot time
  • Update from any cfw up to 4.85 and 3.55 ofw
  • QA flag compatible
  • Both dex and cex packages supported
  • React psn compatibility
  • Fselfs run as native
  • Cobra 8.01
  • Has webman integrated (fan control disabled by default)
  • Update from disc disabled (prevents accidental update to ofw from disc)
  • Visual updated
  • Cinavia protection disabled for disc and hdd
  • Some trophy sync errors removed/bypassed
  • Remote play supported on non Son# product
  • ingame screenshots supported
  • psp drm checks disabled
  • Removed annoying singstar icon
  • Full blu ray and dvd support
  • Added option to visit you tube channels and websites (pre selected some helpful ones like psx place, ngu and ps3hax)
  • Added option to download some games
  • Added download and install to what's new in psn column (updated packages will be sent to the ps3 when they are available, option in boxed tools to clear cache and check for updates will update download list) Massive thanks to PS3 Extra and devil_303 :)
  • Added Restart System options to power options in xmb user column
Tested on:
  • DECH-A00A
  • CECH-A00
  • CECH-A01
  • CECH-C03
  • CECH-G04
  • DECH-J00A
  • CECH-L04
  • CECH-2003a
  • CECH-2103b
  • CECH-2503b
All worked flawless with no problem.

How To Install:

1. Create a folder on your USB called PS3. (in capitals)
2. Inside the PS3 folder make another folder called UPDATE. (in capitals)
3. Put the PS3UPDAT.PUP file inside the UPDATE folder.
4. Put your USB into your PS3 and go to the settings column, go to system update and update via storage media.

:alert: According to Cerial_iQ, roughly translated: Although it seems that the good Bobby_Downgrades use a lot of the code without revising of its versions 4.84, since again this CFW returns to have the same error in the PSP emulator of its version 4.84, which makes any game or application that use the PSP emulator does not work. I even dare to say that I probably also inherit the problem of PS2 games on retro consoles, although I don't have one on hand to secure it.

BobbyDowngrades PS3 CFW 4.84 Overflow Custom Firmware Collection.jpg
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Doc Holiday

Hello everyone,

Need a bit of advice as I am trying to figure out how to downgrade from 4.55 OFW on ps3 fat model CECHA01. I've tried everything! Lately it's been hard to find the right files without misleading information. Can someone please help? Ugh!!

Sorry I am 4.55 OFW and I want to downgrade to 3.55 OFW. Does anyone have a link or short tutorial? Thanks!


Senior Member
Its time to play with my ps3

Thanks for the hard work and not sitting on exploits/cfw and shares with the community some ps4 dev can learn from


So i installed this on my phat ps3 60gb model pal version, and everything works great except playing any ps2 original disc just gets me blackscreen, and then i have to hold the power button to turn off the console any solutions?
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