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Proceeding his Super Console Wars PS4 Homebrew Game PKG, Nanospeed Gamer: The Videogame PS4 PKG and PS4 Temperature PKG Updates today PS4Scene developer @Lapy shared on Twitter a Brain Splitter 1.00 PS4 Homebrew Game PKG public beta while sending thanks to KyuHENcontest, notzecoxao and Wr0zen with a demo video by @zecoxao (Twitter) from his (C)ontrol e(X)ecute YouTube Channel below. 🤩

Download: Brain Splitter 1.00 - PS4 - Lapy.pkg (98.6 MB)

For those interested in supporting his continued work in the scene, LapyGames also has a PayPal fund set up for donations. <3

Testing Lapy's Brain Splitter PS4 Pkg
Game Brain Splitter 1.00 PS4 6.72 - 7.55 by Lapy via donatelo27
Brain Splitter 1.00 PS4 Homebrew Game PKG by Lapy05575948.png