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Following my recent Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5 and Snake Ball homebrew PKG releases, I present to you today Brutal VR DooM (2.5) for PS4. This is version 1 in VR. There may be improvements in the future.

Download: Brutal VR DooM 2.5.pkg (176 MB)

Known issues:
  • There is no HUD.
  • If you record video, Recordings do not have sprites rendered correctly in the video.
Here is a promo video from my YouTube Channel.

NOTE: Video does not reflect in-game experience. Muzzle flashes render just fine in game.

Brutal VR DooM (2.5) PS4
Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5 in VR Homebrew PKG by SnakePlissken.jpg


I can't advance in vr mode from the first room any button isn't open that damn door. any solution please

Now I can pass the first door, (note: placing on a corner to the door seems to work) but when I die the game just continues and I'm on the ground and I can only restart the game or continue on the ground XD
your the first to report this issue. i may of done something before the final compilation. if someone else can confirm this please let me know. my other testers did not have this issue however.

i do not have a vr headset. so i cant test some things.
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