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Following my Plissken DooM v4 and Brutal PS4 DooM v2 Packages, here's an update bringing it to Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5 homebrew PKG with a demo video from my YouTube Channel!

What's new in Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5?...
  • All new levels
  • All new enemies
  • All new soundtrack (from the Dark Side of Phobos : Remix Project)
  • and much more!
Download: Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5.pkg (176 MB)

This is more or less a "Developer's Edition" of Brutal PS4 DooM v2. It's difficult but it's possible to beat. I hope you enjoy. Special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for closed alpha testing

Here's gameplay from my YouTube Channel:

Brutal PS4 DooM v2.5
Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5 PlayStation 4 Homebrew PKG by SnakePlissken.jpg



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ill still work on PlisskenDooM but i felt like Brutal PS4 DooM should have a unique foundation so new levels and a new soundtrack and new bad guys where added (and a few other things where done within scripts). but suspect much more in the future

@Joaquin Salih you can add this to the homebrew store if you like. its up to you. it shares the same Content ID as Brutal PS4 DooM v2 so not sure what people would like more. this however will be the official experience in future releases.
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