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Awhile back we shared a PS4 Payload.bin tutorial, and today following his recent How to Run Free FULL Games on PS4 1.76 video @MODDEDWARFARE returns with another guide on setting up the $DK to build payloads that can be executed on a 1.76 PS4 through the WebKit Playground. ;)

If you haven't done so already, drop by his YouTube Channel where you'll find many other excellent PlayStation 4 video tutorials as well as guides covering XBox One, XBox 360, PC and more! :geek:

To quote from the video's caption: How to Build Payloads in the PS4 $DK

How to setup the PS4 $DK to build payloads which can then be executed on a 1.76 PS4 through the WebKit Playground.

Download Links:
Cheers to @Bultra for this news tip (and also letting us know about Arduino PS4) in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer:

Building PlayStation 4 v1.76 Payloads Tutorial by Modded Warfare.jpg



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All of his are top notch, he explains things slowly and clearly in a down-to-earth manner without the useless music most other video guides are plagued with... so it's a genuine pleasure posting them here and I'm sure they help a lot of users too. (y)
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