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Shortly after Sony's PlayStation Bug Bounty Program announcement that had many concerned their PlayStation 4 would become a PAYStation 4, PS4 scene hacker theflow0 reassured those holding out on updating their Firmware since his previous note that he's still going to disclose something in a few weeks/months with no specific ETA given. ⏳

:idea: Perhaps he's waiting for $ony to give him permission to disclose it publicly (to comply with their terms) if it was the bug he submitted a few months ago in their program, or if not then maybe he wants to wait for the PS5's Holiday 2020 Launch... unfortunately a lack of transparency leaves the delay open to speculation only. o_O

In any case, it's great to see the PlayStation Bug Bounty Program program isn't dissuading all PS4 hackers from continuing to contribute to the scene even after getting paid... hopefully other developers will also follow making it a win for the entire community! 💞

In the Tweets below, theflow0 also confirmed a new webkit exploit chain for PS Vita called HENlo is incoming and can be used to jailbreak the device for those who still own a PlayStation Vita handheld console.

PS4 scene, you're starting such a drama over nothing. I was actually planning to disclose something in a few weeks/months (which I will still do...) and after that, I'd like to announce my retirement, even if I was never part of that toxic and entitled "scene."
The only scene I am part of is the Vita Scene, and I am really proud seeing a lot of people getting into programming and even security thanks to this little toy :)
and while I'm here, I'd like to announce a new webkit exploit chain for the PS Vita called "HENlo" which allows you to conveniently jailbreak your device. I'm looking for some funny doggo memes/logo submissions.
Bye PAYStation 4 PS4 Hacker TheFloW Vows PlayStation 4 Disclosure.jpg
:idea: Reminder: Those without a Verified Badge yet on Discord to access the private areas we recommend Joining Us! Why? The waiting process takes a week for new Members, and there's a lot we're unable to share on public forums including the latest PS4 PKG Games. 🏴‍☠️



Mr.$ony we don't feel good :(
:idea: Reminder: Those without a Verified Badge yet on Discord to access the private areas we recommend Joining Us! Why? The waiting process takes a week for new Members, and there's a lot we're unable to share on public forums including the latest PS4 PKG Games. 🏴‍☠️


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One guy at HackerONE made $70,000 in a 2-3 month period, between 4 and 6 months ago from payouts by sony to him. One of $40k and another for $25k plus 2 smaller amounts of $2.5k each.
those larger 2 payouts were clearly vulnerabilities of the ps4's OS.

I doubt any agreement these techno bounty hunters sign will allow them to make public anything ever. This is a great way to try to kill hacking "scenes" of consoles. The brilliance here is that at the same time it creates a HACKER vs. HACKER to see who can claim the prize first. Although as long as bugs/exploits are different , each will receive a payout but NOT for the same one, in those cases, its whoever turned it in first.

And if Sony really doesn't want anything to happen to the ps5 publicly, all they gotta do is jack up that $50k max bounty to $75k to $100k range and no exploit will see the light of day. Even at $50k I doubt it will. Who on earth REALISTICALLY would pass up 10's of thousands of dollars for something they were just gonna put out there for free?

Other companies will take note and could start doing the same...
These bounties have already affected the ps4 scene and I'm sure they will continue too, not to mention all future consoles.

Well boys and girls.... it may be time to get yourselves that nice shiny new gaming PC after all.


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If they really are getting paid, maybe that's the reason that the developers are in silent mode. 2 years running still nothing getting released.

If they so called are afraid that if they release, the next firmware will patch the vulnerabilities, than by that logic it will never get released. I thought hackers always like new challenges.


these are not hackers called ps4 scene explorers. a hacker does not act in this way, a hacker is unpredictable and very anonymous, he simply only creates ui develops tools to support the community.


@kawenda , you are right, real dev always hidden and he work silent. He finishes his work and release it in public good.

PS3 scene and his dev. ALL TIME good , no fear he release CFW and HEN proudly. He will also have love for the dollar, but he achieved fame even today, ruling the hearts of people.

We do not hate anyone, but it has broken the confidence of people, that is why we are all angry. A traitor comes on scene and says dont update ... stay old FW. Nobody had forced him to come on the scene. He himself came and is calling himself innocent by playing with the feelings of people.

He says that he is not a part of this scene, so he came to play with the feelings of the people ? He does not have the right to play with the feelings of the people, If there is any humanity left in it so he release KEX. He can still get love instead of hatred of people.
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