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PS4Scene group DUPLEX released Another 15 PS4 FPKGs added to yesterday's 10 PS4 Fake Packages outlined HERE, while darkside revealed the PS5 Web Browser that Sony attempted to hide can not only Run WebMSX (Metal Gear) and RetroArch Web Player but is also capable of bypassing the PS5 Browser protection as JavaScript execution is allowed. :geek:
Anyone in the PlayStation 5 Scene look into whether the Talos WebSocket Vulnerability exists in PS5 OSS as well? :sneaky:

Moving on to PlayStation 4 Scene news, @karo218 (Twitter) shared 7.02 Ports of the GTA V Mods today for those with a PS4 7.02 Jailbroken Console including ArabicGuy, PS4 GTA V Native Caller, GTA V Lamance and more! 😍

Meanwhile, @DeathRGH (Twitter) updated to PS4Debug 1.3.0702.1 including a fast scanning fix as @Leeful via Twitter released a PS-Phive! (For PS4 6.72) Exploit Host Menu just in time for the holidays! 🔥

Next up, @0x199 via made available via Twitter a PS4 Patch Installer that allows users to add or remove PlayStation 4 game retail patches with further details, a demo video and related Tweets in the spoiler below: 😃


PlayStation 4 developer @Xeeynamo recently announced via Twitter that he updated his Kingdom Save Editor with a new version now available on Github for those interested! 🤩

Finally, it appears a recent Xbox One developer leak via TheD on 4Chan hints at an unreleased PS4 exploit that purportedly activates PS4 Debug / Test / Tool developer consoles... but for some undisclosed reason he decided not to leak it also. 🙃 To quote:

"So, as GE was a failure as passworded I've decided to dig out everything of use minus a PS4 exploit that'll activate any test/tool on any version. I'm one of two people with it."

:idea: That's it for the moment, don't forget to Get a Verified Badge as there are many more PS4 FPKG's released over the holidays that aren't mentioned as they're private dumps not available on scene topsites.
Bypassing PS5 Browser Protection via JavaScript Execution & PS4 Scene Updates!.jpg


According to the 4Chan comments, the source of the leak was:


If true, I'd believe it as he's in bed with some who wouldn't want the PS4 stuff leaked yet... if at all. 😕
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