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Proceeding his OrbisAFR.bin release, the Black Ops 3 PS4 Mods, a COD: BO3 PS4 Mod Menu demo and Call of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 Loader Tools PlayStation 4 developer @theorywrong with help from @DEv ShOoTz made available BO3Lan which is an Online LAN System for Black Ops 3 on PS4 via his Twitter stream. :ninja: :ninja: :pumpkin:

Download: / GIT / / GIT

This comes following the PS4 LAN with XBSLink Tutorial, recent Switch LAN Play by SpaceMeowX2 PS4 Guide and PS4 LAN Games List Spreadsheet covering Local PS4 Cooperative and Multiplayer Games.

Hopefully it'll be useful to PS4 scene devs who might come up with different online LAN for other games! Below are some Tweets making rounds on Twitter today also:

PS4 Black Ops III 1.26 - Infinite Jet pack
Fun fact: The PS4's Codename for the PlayStation Store is called "Blackbird"
There's also Macross, Swordfish, Xandar, Mind Stone, Titan, Deathstar, etc
Cheers to for the PlayStation 4 news tip and have a very safe and Happy Halloween everyone! <3
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6 months ago I was flamed for asking if this was possible.....

To all the non believers..... Hahahaha. In your face.

To the dev for the release..... fawk ya brother!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!
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