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For PC game modding fans here are some demo videos of recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Co-Op Mods from SE2Dev and Chooch via SPi with the details and related download links below. :D

To quote from their page: Black Ops Co-Op Mod

It's finally here!

That's right! You can finally play Black Ops in coop mode with your friends!

  • Play through all campaign missions (with the exception of the RTS portion of WMD)
  • Rewritten menus (partially based on frontend_patch)
    • Choose which map to play directly from the lobby menu
    • Support for playing custom campaign maps
  • Quick Teleport
    • Quickly teleport to any player or forwards by a small amount
  • Extensibility
    • Script modifications are available in raw format (in the IWD) and the mod can be used as a base for custom co-op maps
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Coop (Khe Sanh)
Black Ops COOP mod with Chooch
To quote from the video's caption: Welcome to a special gameplay video! Call of Duty: Black Ops has a new Co-Op mod!

Made by SE2Dev and still in WIP version, this mod allows you to play most of BO1 campaign missions with friends. Just like zombies. Do not expect it to be bug-free but expect it to be fun.
How to play mod and instructions:

1) Download coop mod from here: info will be added soon.

2) Download game_mod from here.

3) Unzip both files

4) Copy the game_mod folder contents in your steam's Black Ops 1 folder.

5) Copy coop folder in your Bo1/mods folder.

6) Since you added game_mod content in your Bo1 folder. Find Bo_mods.bat and make a shortcut of it. Through this you can enable mods in BO1 singleplayer.

7) Once the game is open through Bo_mods.bat go to Mods meny button and enable coop mod. (if you can't find coop mod then it's not properly installed)

8) Once coop mod is enabled, you can start playing coop with friends by pressing the COOP button, hosting a map for your friends to join or joining your friends lobbies.

9) Once ingame, non-host players will probably bug and glitch out of map cauzing all players to die. You need to use the teleport function that the dev implemented. Non-Host players can teleport to Host player by pressing 7 (Action Slot 2). Holding F and pressing 7 will change the Teleport type. If it's not set to player 1 (which is Host player) it is suggested that you set it so.

10) Have fun!

:alert: Note: SE2dev said install at your own risk. It is highly unlikely that someone is banned for mods in Bo1 singleplayer but you never know, so we can't take any responsibility.
[Preview] Paradox Framework + Paradox Simplified (MAJOR UPDATE)
Huge update currently in development at

Cheers to @LightningMods for lending a hand with this article in the PSXHAX Shoutbox and to @01cedric for the news on Twitter! :thumbup:
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