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Following the BO3 PS4 4.05 Mods Demo and his recent PS4 4.55 Ghosts 1.00 SPRX Mod Menu, today PlayStation 4 modder Matrix shared a demonstration video of his Black Ops 3 PS4 Mod Menu on his YouTube Channel with details below. :cool:

From the video's description, to quote: Well here it is, something a lot of people have been waiting for. Over the past 4 or 5 days I've spent many hours every day finding and testing whats shown in the menu.

This game is very different to any cod game before it which makes getting certain mods very difficult. This will not be released, at least not for now. There is a lot more I want to look into with game.

The menu is still very incomplete. As you can see from watching there is a lot missing from all other menus I've made in the past. The good news is all of the basics are here and are fully functional as well as some fun mods that are relatively new.

What I'm still looking into:
  • Noclip, since mFlags are not in this game, the noclip has to be remade and I'm having some issues with entity linking
  • Lobby Mods: super speed, super jump, slow motion etc
  • Infinite Jetpack
  • Spawning Bots
  • Removing out of Bounds the list goes on.
There is no ETA on a release because I want this menu to be complete. As of now it only is working on version 1.00, but that may change as the SPRX injectors get updated.

First Ever Black Ops 3 PS4 Mod Menu - Matrix
Call of Duty Black Ops III (COD BO3) PS4 Mod Menu Demo by Matrix.jpg


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