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I've been struggling to figure this out and I'm stumped, need help badly.

So, I downloaded blus copies of GTAV[BLUS01807] & NFS Most Wanted[BLUS31010], and both games get stuck asking me to press a button. (NFS gets stuck at main menu asking to press start, GTA gets stuck at the display setup) I've tried updating the games through MultiMan, but all it does is download the update, not install the update. So I tried manually downloading the update and installing it through pkg.

I've also tried signing in to PSN and loading the game, and I get a couple pop-ups that all start with NP (like NPtrophysomething) and then it gets stuck again. I've also tried downloading an eboot file and param.sfo file for NFS and replaced the original files in NFS folder in my internal HDD. And I tried reinstalling multiple times. Is my NP environment setting causing this? I have it set to "np"

Also I do not have the menu I see people open while playing games (IDK what it's called, similar to the Guide on xbox 360's) Everytime I mount a game and play I have to manually turn off the console with the power button cuz it's the only way I can exit the game. Is it supposed to be like that on CFW? I'm a noob still learning.

My PS3 information:
CFW: Rebug Rex 4.81.2 CEX
Controller: Wired PS4 DS4
Cobra Enabled: Yes
Backup Managers I use: MultiMan & WebMan (both up-to-date)

Thanks guys.


For GTA 5 wow !! The struggles .. Well I got mine to work .... Ok after spending can say 6 days over all for 2 GTA downloads not easy .....

My advise .... I use the backup method ... After getting a GTA that boots up works I got stuck at display .. People says controller n a bunch a crap ... But what I did was get the update pkg ... Try getting the 1.26 update n make sure there is something in USDIR folder "Mpstatssetup"

Sametto Chan

Erza Scarlet
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When I choose update on GTAV in MultiMan it says I need 1.06+ (22 updates available) Can I just skip all previous updates and just install 1.26 like you said?
No, If you skip to update 1.26, You will not getting out online, You will be solo in online only. You may need to all updates 1.01,2,3,4,5 until to 1.26 completed, will be check to online multplayer. :)
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