Join Us and become a Member for a Verified Badge on Discord to access private areas with the latest PS4 FPKGs.
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Here's a quick list of things that have changed recently:
  • Removed Trophy Points factoring from the UserGroup promotions as we're no longer using the Xenforo Trophies system on the forums. Remaining trophy-related alerts / notifications will expire within 30 days and can be ignored should you encounter any.
  • Only comments, posts and replies made in the PS4 / PS5 categories (forum sections) are calculated in a user's overall post count now... the other areas will be slowly phased out by the time PlayStation 5 is available hopefully.
Previous Updates from November 16, 2018:

Updated the UserGroups with the following highlights:
  • Added a Verified Member badge as defined: A member who has met ALL the Guest, Registered, Contributor and Member UserGroup requirements above and also has been Verified on Discord to access private or restricted areas.
Previous Updates from July 2, 2018:

Updated the UserGroup Promotion requirements with the following highlights:
  • New users must wait 24 hours before posting comments to reduce spam.
  • Registered users must wait 7 days before becoming a Member.
  • Only Developers can start new discussion topics (threads).
  • Time between posts (flood check) is now set to 1 minute.
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