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Hey All , ;)

This is my first post I need your help , I accidentally bought a chinese ps4 2 years ago , i Backed up to a pen drive and restored my PlayStation and the us psn account worked fine for me , i'm on 3.50 Firmware

i'm planning to upgrade to 4.55 , will my us account will be working or not ???


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You'll be able to access games on PlayStation Store that the PSN account region is from... so if you have a Chinese PS4 and a US PSN account when logged into PSN you'll be in the North American (which also includes Latin America) Store.

Some people make PSN accounts for different regions so that for example they can buy/download/play games from Asia, Europe (including Oceania and the Middle East) or Japan on a PS4 in the US.

How to create & use a U.S PSN account (if outside the U.S)
How to create a Japan/US Psn Account for PS4
How to Make a Japanese PSN ID in 60 Seconds
How to create Japanese PSN account on a PS4 (Step-by-step)
Also according to Wikipedia there is no PlayStation Store in China... which is something I didn't know myself. :D



I got my ps4 from china and i cant do anything with it. It is fully region locked so can someone help me what to do to unlock.

I tried registering new PSN account but it didn't work so please help TIA.

hey buddy can you tell me how did you backup and restore us psn account please, Even i have chinese console


Hi Guys...

I have the same question. Recently i bought a Chinese mainland PS4 and upgraded to latest firmware 5.01. Now i want to know whether that back up and restore method still work with this new update? :(

Anyone tried and successful? Highly appreciate your feedback.

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