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Following the Call of Duty Ghosts: Unlock All PS4 Trophies for Clients demo, this weekend @CustomHooker shared on Twitter a CoD Ghosts 1.20 Open Source Community Project with some new videos from his YouTube Channel below as PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Al Azif passed along via Twitter the latest Github release from @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) dubbed LibJBC for PS4 homebrew applications since the recent PS4JB2 / Mira for 7.5X / Al Azif DNS updates. 🤩

Download: GhostsCP.rar (41.74 KB - includes Scr_notify.elf) / / GIT

🔥 Also released today are PS4 PKG Sender v1.06, PS4Debug for 7.55, PS4 Offline Account Activator for 7.55, PS4Cheater for 7.55, PS4 Save Mounter for 7.55, WebRTE for 7.55 and LogMeIn Hamachi PS4 Port for 7.50-7.55 updated in their ongoing topics.

CoD Ghosts 1.20 Open Source Community Project
  • Fair Aimbot
  • Unfair Aimbot
  • Scr_Notify Hook example
  • Spawn Huds + Text
  • Engine Text + Materials
  • Button-monitoring and more
Credits in project hope we see some cool menus/mods in the future, and from the included file:

# PlayStation 4 Cleaned ELF
  • This is a source for building ELF files on the PS4
  • This is not system version specific, so it will work on 4.05, 4.55, 5.05 etc
# Includes
  • C++ Compiler
  • Detour Functions (Example of how to do a stub)
  • Vector classes and functions
  • Imports (Libc, Network, Threads, Notify)
  • Socket Printf
# How to Use
  • Make sure you have cc1plus installed (sudo apt-get install g++)
  • Go to directory with the Makefile on Linux Shell
  • type 'make'
  • project.elf is your executable
  • Load with jkpatch or api of your choice
# Known Issues
  • Because we do not use stdlib (-fnostdlib), there are some limitations like not having global variables with constructors. As an example, in my vector class there is a constructor and deconstructor. If you try make a global vec3_t or vec2_t variable, it will not link because the constructor for the variable is never being called. If anyone knows how to fix this without using the g++ standards let me know.
# Credits
  • Sabotage: how to do x64 detours
  • 2much4u/xemio: makefile/building examples
Finally, from the on Github to quote: libjbc

This a firmware-agnostic implementation of the sandbox escape for PS4 homebrew apps. It operates by traversing the process list up to PID 1 (init) and copying its prison and rdir into the calling process.

In the future more functionality (e.g.Mira-style "mount in sandbox") may be supported.


Finally got it
This is what I call a real Aimbot
[Preview][PS4/1.23]Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Insomnia Mod Menu
CoD Ghosts 1.20 Open Source Project & LibJBC for PS4 Homebrew Apps.jpg


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