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So, this is my very first thread I've ever made on this site. Please take it easy on me if there are any typos. For those that have seen my video or reply to a previous Codebreaker thread, a lot of you should already know that I'm the first on all of the Internet to figure out how to get Codebreaker cheats working on PS2 PKG games for the PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro or whatever u have.

This method is literally almost identical to that of the PS3. Only difference is the fact that we are building a PKG file as an extra step. Process is the same if u wanna put Codebreaker cheats in ur PS2 games on a Jailbroken PS3 (again, excluding the PKG building part).

So here is a text tutorial for those that want it. I'll also post a video that lots of you probably already have seen, but just in case you haven't. THIS NEVER HAS WORKED FOR ME WITH THE PS2 CLASSICS GUI, SO MY ADVICE IS DON'T USE THAT. ONLY USE THE ORBIS PKG BUILDING PROGRAMS. Here it is (video at bottom):

Steps (all programs are free and given towards bottom of post in a link):

Extract ISO with ISOBuster (free) to a folder (let's say it's called XXX)

2. Rename wLaunchelf.ELF file to BOOT.09

3. Keep CodeBreaker.ELF named the same and don't touch it.

4. Drag the wLaunchelf.ELF that u renamed to BOOT.09 AND Codebreaker.ELF into the same folder as all the other files that was extracted from ISO (XXX folder is used)

Note: If using a PAL game, the original Codebreaker.ELF might not work, so use the 1 I provided in download link below that NOW contains "Xploder.ELF" as well that will work with PAL games. Folders are labeled in download for your convenience :)

5. Open the SYSTEM.CNF file (that was extracted from ISO in that XXX folder also) in Notepad and change the "SLUS_whatever" part to BOOT.09. So instead of cdrom0: \SLUS_210.73 as example, change the SLUS_210.73 to BOOT.09 THIS IS IMPORTANT OR IT WONT BOOT ULAUNCHER AT ALL.

6. After all that, Open CD/DVD Rom Generator (Select new project then select DVD Master if ISO u extracted is bigger than 750MB. Select CD Master if the game/ISO isn't. Example. Star Wars Racer Revenge would be a CD. Not a DVD, cuz it's less than 750MB in size). THEN select ALL the files I mentioned above (should all be in same folder with the extracted ISO files and after they were modified. Again, XXX folder is used) and drag everything from that XXX folder to the biggest box in that program (CD/DVD Rom Generator) on the right.

7. Select the Volume Tab and put under Disc Name the SLUS of that game. DO NOT PUT BOOT.09. PUT THE EXACT SLUS OF THE GAME UR USING. IF UR NOT SURE, U CAN OPEN UR ORIGINAL ISO U HAVE WITH ISOBUSTER AND SEE THE SLUS, SLPS, SCES, SLES, ETC. FILE AND HOW IT'S NAMED. Then under Producer Name, put PLAYSTATION all in caps. Then under License Area, put the correct region. If it's a SLPS game, it's Japan. If it's SCES or SLUS, it's USA and if it's SLES, it's Europe/PAL.

8. After all that, click FILE, then Export to IML File.. Name it whatever u want.

9. Open Gnie IML2ISO. Click Open on right. Select that IML file, then click IML2ISO on the left.

10. You got your remade ISO with Codebreaker and wLaunchELF built in now and don't need the XXX folder and it's extracted original ISO contents, Codebreaker.ELF or wLaunch.ELF file named to BOOT.09 anymore so just drag it to the side somewhere.

11. Open the ps2pkg folder, then open the ps2emu folder, then image folder. Drag THAT "rebuilt" ISO into that folder. RENAME the ISO file to disc01. All lowercase.

12. Drag ur 512x512 icon0.png thumbnail AND ur 1920x1080 pic1.png pictures into the sce_sys folder which is 1 folder back. Just back out of the image folder and sce_sys should be right there. MAKE SURE THE DIMENSIONS ARE CORRECT. 512x512 for icon0.png. 1920x1080 for pic1.png. I've provided the picture editor to open fairly quickly to correct picture file stuff fast if preferred like in video at bottom. If u don't know what pictures to look for to edit for this, Google Images is ur best bet. Look for whatever u want.

Example:. Def Jam Fight For New York. Download game cover by right-clicking. U can always crop and resize. The higher quality, the better.

13. Open the Fake PKG Tools folder now, double click Orbis-Pub-SFO now first. File, Open, Browse to the Param.SFO file that is in the sce_sys folder that has ur icon0.png and pic1.png files in it...

14. Under Content ID, KEEP THE SAME NUMBER OF CHARACTERS THE SAME. This is important as well. If u delete 5 numbers? ADD 5 NUMBERS, LETTERS AND/OR COMBINATION BACK TO IT. Where it shows CUSA or SLUS? Change this part to the EXACT SAME SLUS the game is just like we did with CD/DVD ROM Generator. After this, Hold Ctrl on keyboard and press A to select the whole string. Then Hold Ctrl and press C to copy it.

15. File, then Save it.

16. NOW open up Orbis-Pub-Gen. double click Image0 in middle. Open up the ps2pkg folder and drag EVERYTHING from it directly to the white box on right of Orbis. Structure should look like this but with ur modified files and rebuilt ISO with Codebreaker and wLaunchELF (disc01.iso in the image folder; edited param.sfo and icon0.png, as well as pic1.png in the sce_sys folder):
  • image
  • lua_include
  • sce_module
  • sce_sys
  • config-emu-ps4.txt
  • eboot.bin
  • formatted.card
  • ps2-emu-compiler.self
  • PS20220WD20050620.crack
  • sce-discmap.plt
17. DRAG ALL OF THAT above directly to Orbis on right. Should list it all now...

18. Click on Chunk tab a little above that box on lefthand side, right click on +Image0 Root and Highlight Add Chunk Assignment of the File, then click #0: Chunk 0#.

19. Now close out that window and click on Command at top, then Project Settings.

20. Click on the package tab. Now under Content ID, paste the string I told u to copy from the Param.SFO file. If u can't, reopen Orbis-Pub-SFO, file, open that Param.SFO from the sce_sys folder AGAIN and copy that string under Content ID again.

21. Under passcode put ALL 0's til the passcode fingerprint pops up random crap. Under Storage type, select Digital Only. Under Application type, select Freemium App. Hit OK at bottom.

22. Click Yes on pop up. Then click Build at top right. Click Close at op up, Click Select towards bottom, Select where u wanna save the PKG file. Click Save. Then click Build at bottom.

23. Do steps 20 through 22 again since Orbis has a glitch, keeping u from building it.

24. Copy to USB ExFAT formatted drive, install via package installer from debug settings after jailbreaking from host or self-host exploit, then try n run. If u do all these steps even from written form and it still doesn't work, I have no idea what you're doing wrong... It works every single time for me on 6 games now so far.

Download link to all the programs (and Codebreaker) used in this written guide AND video (video tutorial below):

CODEBREAKER GUIDES via @stripnwild:

PS2 CodeBreaker Cheats on PS4 5.05 Jailbreak Tutorial

Codebreaker Cheats for PS2 PKG Games PS4 Guide by Codester1389.jpg


Sup Im BirDy

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Faster way is to rename your slus_xxx.xx or w.e to boot.(extension of your game elf) and rename your ulauncher file to the slus_xxx.xx exactly . Run cd/dvd gen and iml iso like you do then use the updated playstation 2 classics gui tool because you wont get the error. No need to use the long orbis method


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Tested with GT4 but it does not work, that is: When starting part ulaunchelf, I choose codebreaker.elf, select the cheats, click on start game, return to ulauchelf, start SCES_517.19 (Gran Turismo 4). Only the initial logo is visible and after a black screen.

I tried to start it without activating cheat and it does not go, I tried to start it without changing from codebreaker and it does not go the same. The game, with the normal conversion in pkg, so without lauchelf and codebreaker, works for me. I will try with another game.

Tested with Resident Evil: Dead Aim, works fine...!!!Thanks


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Is it possible to convert the codes from ntsc to pal? Many of my backups are pal and the codes if I'm not mistaken are all ntsc. I tried to run the guide with the action replay max.elf but when starting from the black screen.


@blekok YOU DONT WANNA USE 7ZIP TO EXTRACT THE ISO. Im telling u from experience, u WILL get a black screen sometimes. Ive even mentioned this in video. Im telling u, using SPECIFIC software will help. Use ISObuster.

@Sup Im BirDy Whatever works. Honestly i rushed this guide and video soon as i figured out how to do it. If that works for u n other people, awesome!

@AngelDavil88 Yes, there are guides on internet to convert Codebreaker codes I believe. However, sometimes u gotta double check ur doing the steps right (talking about ur 1st question u posted). This is y i tell people to do BOTH. I even stated this in video. PS2 Classics GUI AND Orbis. Cuz we got all these programs our wonderful developers made n this allows more chances of success! When 1 fails, the other is bound to work.

And u also got that config text file u gotta alter sometimes to get a game to work to begin with. Always try regular PKG way first, then add Codebreaker. If it black screens with Codebreaker, that could also mean ur using too many cheats OR certain cheats also (lots of people dont know this) break the game causing it not to even load, freeze b4 u can do anything, etc.

So b4 u blame Codebreaker, make sure u try simple cheats too. Example: Max money. N only that cheat on 1st. If that works but others black screen the game or cause issues, u know its the cheats ur using too that's causing issues...


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@Sup Im BirDy could you give an example of what you mention using actual filenames? I am trying to understand it but I quite didn't follow. And do you know why by doing this the playstation 2 classic GUI will work without complain?