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My first topic on the site!

A hidden gem and exclusive on the PS4 Concrete Genie is now playable at up to 60 Frames Per Second on Base and Pro consoles!

This comes following my Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 60FPS Patch, and below is a video demo of Concrete Genie now playable at 60FPS on PlayStation 4 from my YouTube Channel:


Download: Patch


For those who'd like to support my work can do so on my Patreon page and follow me on Twitter.
Concrete Genie Now Playable at 60FPS on PS4 with Patch by Illusion0001.jpg



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Congrats @illusion0001, thanks for sharing! <3

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PS: I added a sideblock that appears next to all topics started by you with a Patreon banner for those who'd like to support your efforts. ;)


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One question
Do these 60 fps patches make your ps4 work harder.
Cause sometimes you hear crazy sounds, especially playing games like ghost of tsushima.


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It depends on what is being done to get to 60fps. However, most get it done by lowering the resolution and/or disabling graphical effects like motion blur, etc.

That said, you can technically alter timings and functions by changing certain parameters like FPS. Sometimes animations and physics are tied to it so I guess it's possible. I also think you can essentially OC the APU but I don't think any patches have done that.

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